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Movie: Ford v Ferrari

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  • Movie: Ford v Ferrari

    With this new format I couldn't find any previous threads about this movie. I just watched it last night and even though Mat Damon looks nothing like Carroll Shelby I really liked the movie, But............. I think probably due to time allowed they left out some important content. First the total disregard, other than having a couple in the background at the shop, of the Daytona Cobra which lead to the development of the GT40. They also failed to mention the contributions of several other racing personalities like Peter Brock, Bob Bondurant Dan Gurney and others. This movie made it look like it all Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby.

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    I got a copy a week or so ago,...I have watched it up till Miles wins the the race to win Shelbys deal with Ford and guaranteeing Miles a ride at Le Mans....... I am going to finish it sometime, but since I kind of know how it ends and the way some of these guys are portrayed,,,,I'm not too thrilled with it. ....My gripes are that Matt Damon playing Shelby is fine for the general public,,,for us real fans....we need to see George Clooney or a John Wayne type playing the tall Texan.....sorry but this is like John Wayne trying to play Mr Magoo,,,,it just doesn't work for me. ......
    I have tried to read up on Beebe and all I can read says he was not the ahole he is portrayed as in the film..... I don't know about Miles,,,,,, but he certainly comes off as an ahole in the movie....Ford the second certainly appears to be a pompous ahole. .... I know it's a movie,,,,,,, but I find most of the characters not very likable and I guess all this together keeps me from enjoying it so much....I know it's a fictional movie and not a documentry.
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      I loved it as a buddy movie, but it was rife with historical inaccuracies. Can you guys point them out?