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It's a Great Time to have a Hobby!

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  • It's a Great Time to have a Hobby!

    Its been a rough week in many ways, with bad news on many fronts. As a result many people will be staying closer to home with few sports options to pay attention to. No March Madness, no baseball, no NBA, no racing - NASCAR or F1.

    Thankfully, we share a hobby that can keep us on the sunny side of life. We all have cars that will benefit from some attention, and projects simmering on the back burner of our minds. There are numerous proxies in action and others on the horizon for builders and tuners to consider.

    Or, what about finally building that (new?) track you've been thinking about? Or finally doing that scenery work you meant to get to before? There are many low or no cost things to devote our attention to during what otherwise could be depressing times.

    We're going to need things to do to stay positive and avoid cabin fever conflicts. For those of us with tracks and cars the solution is at hand. Just remember to share your work with the rest of us to boost everyone's spirits.

    Slot on fellow racers!

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    Well said slothead! 👍🏻


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      My thoughts exactly...
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        Well you can add imsa, indy cars motocross and v8 super cars and the wec to the list. looks like those old u tube races are going be watch a lot. going to a very boring next few months for any kind of sport.. mmmm is watching paint dry a sport?????
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          Editing a comment
          Yes, much more than NASCAR and F1 racing effected in motorsports.

          In the interim I'm guessing a lot of prior games and races will be rerun and if so I hope they include some great events from years gone by and not just last years stuff. How about Indy car races from the 70's - 90's? V8 super car races from any prior years would be new on mainstream American TV. I'd like to see stuff where I don't remember or know the outcome because I'm not going to ruin the experience by looking it up in advance.

          Then again, maybe ESPN will end up having to broadcast slot car proxy races. A moving camera suspended over the track like is used for football could capture some great shots while drivers and marshals practice good social distancing habits.