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Ford vs Ferrari proxy UNOFFICIAL predictions & calculations

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  • Ford vs Ferrari proxy UNOFFICIAL predictions & calculations

    As the 2020 Ford vs Ferrari proxy prepares to get underway I'm asking participants and spectators to share their thoughts on which cars should be favored. My interest, as back in '66 at Le Mans, is centered on which brand (type of car) will come out on top.

    Please share your thoughts on which cars you think will end up on the podium, for the initial race and as the series progresses.

    For my own purposes I've been working on a few different points systems to try out. Having fun trying to balance points awarded to podium finishers as well as down the ranks of finish positions so every car's performance matters. More on this soon.

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    I'll play
    1) Smokieo Veteran GT40 builder
    2) Gascarnut International Champion builder and racer
    4) DRW21 His cars drive right side up here
    3) Redlyner consistent
    4) Mov41T. He's on a roll Group 5, IPS, GT3 proxies
    5)Raderek Always shows up on race day
    6) Audi 1 Great attention to detail 80% top 10 builder
    7) SteeveeW Only once not his build in the top 10 and that's the GT3 proxy
    8) BigDuhg Another great proxy Rookie
    9) Aloha Our Cuzin builds great rides Roger that
    10) Mitch58 Put $$ on this one turning low 5s at his track and easy to

    This changes if ChrisGuyW, ZackM and F1Fan cars are entries and I missed them. That Brumos RSR guy top 27 πŸ˜„
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    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)


    • BigDuhg
      BigDuhg commented
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      I'd gladly take a top 10 in this proxy!

      Also have some faith in yourself. At least top 25! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • arroldn
      arroldn commented
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      Tony I have faith in you top 15. It will be my car that I'm concerned will be in the bottom 7 of the order. Looking for a surprise. My top 5 are as follows:
      next 5

      Surprised to see of of the other top guns set out this one.
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    • Brumos RSR
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      ArroldN if you took it out of the box and put tires on it. Or used the pair off that Lola of yours I bet your a contender. Duhg thanks for the vote of confidence.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far - keep it coming. I'll build a spreadsheet with car and builder info to keep track of things using a points system I come up with. Right now I'm thinking of awarding points to the top 10 finishers in each race and will total them by car type and builder going forward.

    Remember this is just my own 'fantasy' scoring project and will likely be completely different than the official tally done by Allan.


    • Brumos RSR
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      It will be completly different. How about 2 points for top qualifier and 1 point for 24th place, it could make for interesting racing at the back and front of the field.

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    For my own Le Mans series races with 20 cars my preferred scoring system awards descending points for every finishing position that are then totaled by type of car (Ford, Ferrari, Porsche, Lola, or Chaparral). The team totals are then ranked and race points awarded based on a 20-14-10-7-5 structure.

    For this proxy with just 2 teams awarding points to the pole sitter (top qualifier) makes sense and then doing pretty much the same as above. Though to compensate for Ford having more cars in the race I might only award points to the first 10 Fords since there are only 10 Ferraris. Or, I may find a way to 'prorate' Ford points so all cars count but the outcome isn't determined by number of cars rather than by performance.

    My main interest is how the Ford & Ferrari teams do, though I know primary interest will on how each builder's car does. So I will develop a system for tracking individual 'fantasy' points too.
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      Based on the feedback above I've computed these predictions for most likely podium finishers: Ford (Smokeio), Ferrari (Gascarnut), Ford (DRW21), Ford (Radarek), and Ford (Redlyner).

      10 Ford GT40's are predicted to be in the top half of the points, compared to only 3 Ferrari's.

      Though only preseason projections, this would suggest Ferrari is headed for another massive beatdown. Enzo's decedents may need antidepressants.

      Any more preseason input?
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        Anyone willing to provide more info about your car please do and I'll put it in the spreadsheet. Body origin and model (GT40, GT40 MkII, P3, P4, ...). Also, motor, gear ratio (9/27,...), rear tires, etc. Whatever you think is important. If your chassis is from an RTR car, kit, 3DP, or whatever.

        I thought there'd be mostly scratch built brass chassis, but the field seems to be dominated by ThunderSlots.


        • Mitch58
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          I would but I don't remember. I just grabbed parts out of the parts bin until it ran well.

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        I’ve been proxy racing a long time and I think it’s great there are so many members showing on this list. Hats off to all!