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    Everyone of a certain age will know exactly what I'm talking about without going into too much detail. I'm in the middle of prepping for a medical procedure that requires going 2 days without eating and staying close to facilities.

    Boy am I ever looking forward to a huge cheeseburger when this is over.

    Oops. here I go again!

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    good luck man


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      My sincere sympathy and best wishes. I have gone through the same not so long ago: the procedure is nothing compared to the gross preparation. That stuff they make you drink: yuck!


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        I had that "procedure" done last Wednesday and I'm already dreading drinking that prep stuff for my next one in three years. It tastes like the paregoric medicine my Mom gave me when I was a kid.
        I couldn't look at food for two days after it, they told me that happens sometimes, after it happened.


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          I'm back home now after surviving the ordeal this morning. Still a little groggy but delighted it's over and don't have to repeat it for a few years. The prep is the worst part by far which is saying something when you think about what goes on during the actual procedure.

          I only got 2 hours sleep last night - not because of worrying about the procedure, it all had to do with remaining vigilant to make a dash out of bed at the slightest gurgle. Thank goodness I didn't have to sneeze at any point.

          For those too young to know what we're talking about - count you blessings. But your day is coming.


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            The scariest part of that procedure for me, was when I realized that it was the same machine and attachments that they had used on my gastroscopy

            Randy C
            Grindrod B.C.


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              I am glad you are doing well.

              You are still kinda young whippersnapper.

              Click image for larger version

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                Harry that's old I don't think I've watched it since the 80s. Well don't think I know I haven't.
                Arrold Martin
                Nashville TN


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                  Nothing compared to colon cancer..... I just hate not eating for a day!
                  Matt B
                  So. In


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                    The best part of any undesirable medical procedure is having the doctor come in during recovery and greet you with a smile and thumbs up. We're all prone to lingering in worst case 'what if' land when given a chance to. I actually held off on ordering the 2 new Legend cars, just in case medical issues surfaced today.

                    Silly me, I do feel younger now than I did this morning. Time to get back into the swing of things and make progress on the to-do list. All is well.


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                      That’s great news Slothead
                      By the way I just got off the throne
                      Peterborough Ont


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                        i just dont understand why they cant make that stuff taste better. with all the chemical flavorings that are in foods these days you would think they could come up with something.
                        bill ,framingham ma


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                          Somewhere on the internet is a story about someone's maiden voyage through this rite of passage. They made the mistake of not heeding the warning of the volatility of the situation and went to work, or took the pre- stuff at work. They then had a rough journey home and miserable next 48h. And then when it came time to go in for the appointment.... he was a week early!!!

                          I was crying laughing my way through the story. I read it on the internet so it must be true, right?


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                            My high school English teacher used to refer to it as 'the best seat in the house'. Can't disagree with that.

                            I had to do a 2 day prep - nothing after a light breakfast on Wednesday (2 toaster waffles) till lunch today. Because of all the fluid you have to drink I really didn't get hungry, but I sure did miss the taste of food. Every food commercial with a close up of a burger, pizza, pasta, etc. was like an ex-girlfriend strutting her stuff in front of me. A guy who was once on a hunger strike said he'd leap over 5 beautiful naked women to get to a carrot.

                            Yes, we do this to avoid the big C. If you can see it coming in time you can usually ambush it and get away. So anyone putting off doing this, put your big boy pants on (actually, take them off) and get it done.


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                              Second that, Slothead. Glad to hear all is well. Randy, I had both at the same time. I wonder if they met in the middle ?
                              Mike V.
                              Western North Carolina