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Tire Doping

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  • Tire Doping

    .................................No tire glue allowed.......................

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    Holy smoke batman


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      I have also seen that happen. Someone used about a half of a can of commutator cleaner on his car and put it on the track before it had a chance to dry. People get carried away with comm cleaner, oil, grease, braid juice or traction compound and end up damaging their car and or the track. If people use too much braid juice the track braids in front of the driver's stations will eventually come unstuck. Not being content with putting traction compound on foam tires some people also put it on the track. That may work with high end wing cars, but regular 16D and S16D powered cars get stuck like a fly on flypaper and may burn up.


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        I feel so guilty laughing............


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          Maybe Tire Dope is a more appropriate heading. Sorry. I just had too.
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            i did that once with lighter fluid and melted one of Ralph Griffin's concours bodies for the race the next day while testing his car for him.
            i was laughing so hard i almost couldn't put it out! he was not amused.


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              that was almost 20 years ago. saw him a few months back after several years and brought it up: "Hey, remember the time i set your car on fire?"
              i was still laughing, and he was still annoyed. which of course made me laugh even harder. as in ROFL.
              i still passed tech, though- the incident was back in a series that i was running, and when i saw him last year i was racing in the one that he was running!
              what i Should have done was ask him if i could try out his car! i didn't Dare give him mine, or we would've had to go ask Major Paine for a fire extinguisher!