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  • Display/Storage Ideas Needed

    That time has come where my wife is having the house painted and replacing the carpet. So, she’s bringing boxes today to move all my hobby stuff out so they can paint and replace the carpet in the closet/hobby man cave. I told her I wasn’t sure what I’m going to do in my cave/closet and to paint would be a waste, well, that didn’t work.

    So, does any one have any ideas on how I can remodel my cave? I might remove the other stuff over head to make room for cars and change the shelves. Any advice is appreciated, minus “send me your cars.” 😀

    Pass Christian, MS

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    Took me over 2 hours to clear using 8 large Lowe’s boxes and 9 medium ones. On the plus side, I was able to look at some cars I forgot I had. Now I Need to figure out what to do. Cabinets maybe?
    Pass Christian, MS


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      Bigger closet
      Dickie Pearson
      Canterbury, NH

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        I'd do wall standards and 12" shelves on the back and left side walls top to bottom, and then get a rolling 6 foot by 18" x 36" rolling garage type cabinet with big casters and roll it in and out as needed. The other option is to use kitchen top cabinets since they're only 12 inches deep and do the back and left walls and then a rolling cabinet if needed, could even use a short one if a big one isn't needed and have an open work area on top. Or just do a couple of rolling cabinets and hope all the cars fit.