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    Thoughts on Pre Ordering? Have been doing it for years, and still don’t know why! Seems every slot car manufacturer always misses their release date. Not too bad when they are only a month or so off. But really frustrating when they are 7-8 months off, or longer! Be nice if dealers/manufactures would at least notify customers that have pre orders about why and when! End rant!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

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    We don't do them, at least we don't charge people. To many times a car has fallen through and isn't made or it takes a lot longer than it should have. It is also to easy to miss a pre order .
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      I’m glad Cloverleaf doesn’t do pre pre orders. I’d have 20-30 cars lined up!😜
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        I am glad that Mike at Cloverleaf doesn't do pre orders also. He had a car that I wanted and the price was $7299.00 on his site. If I would have had him pre order it and he taken my money, I would have been a little short of money in my slot car fund for any other cars!!! I called Mike and asked him if he was going to retire after is current stock was sold. He gave me a great deal on the car and is still in business.

        Jim W