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The untimely death of Rush drummer Neil Peart

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  • The untimely death of Rush drummer Neil Peart

    I was surprised and deeply saddened to hear just yesterday morning of Neil Peart’s passing. I did not know that he had been battling brain cancer for so many years.

    Neil Peart was an incredibly talented drummer and one of the most gifted lyricists in the industry. I connected with the words of so many of the songs he had written. Songs about fame, science, justice and equality. Especially songs like “The Trees”, “Witch Hunt”, and "Hemishperes".

    Yesterday evening, my girlfriend, Bethany and I got into my car on our way to a Friends of Italy dinner and from the hundreds of songs I have stored on my USB stick, the Rush song “Afterimage” from the “Grace Under Pressure” album immediately began to play. It was very surreal. The opening lyrics “Suddenly, you were gone. From all the lives you left your mark upon” came through the speakers. And tears began to well up in my eyes. I thought about all of the loved ones I have lost over the years. And I thought about my own mortality.

    The world is a lesser place for Mr. Peart’s untimely death, but his legacy will live on.

    Rest in peace Neil.

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    I have passed into Olympus
    As was told in tales of old,
    To the city of Immortals,
    Marble white and purest gold


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      R.I.P Neil Peart

      Very sad indeed, and very unexpected. Apparently his illness was a closely guarded secret. and his premature death brings the final end to a great Canadian band and the life of an amazing drummer (4th best drummer as rated by Rolling Stone magazine).

      Not sure if any of you watch "The Goldberg's" - but I always smile when I see the one character in the show who is a huge RUSH fan and can be seen wearing a RUSH t-shirt in every show.
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        Neal Peart was incredible. I was also very saddened by this news. Last night I watched some live Rush in Rio on YouTube. I won’t lie, I had a couple tears touch my cheek while watching. He has left quite a legacy and will never be forgotten.

        if anyone is interested:


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          I'm a massive Rush fan. Awesome band and amazing that three guys could make such awesome sound.

          I saw them for my first time as a teen living in Germany for Moving Pictures. Saw them 4 times in Colorado - 3 times at Red Rocks. My son's first pro-concert was with me at Red Rocks for R30. We had a blast.

          I read his book Ghost Rider - one of the most illustrative writers I've ever read - explains how their lyrics were so incredible. He obviously was no stranger to tragedy, but I hope he found peace before he passed.

          My mother died at 55 from the same cancer (GBM) that he had. I don't know what his quality of life was like, but for my mom, she had three months from start to finish and it sucked.


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            our loss. it's like they fought the cold war with me.
            i was (and still am) on the electronic battlefield and they were on the music one.
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