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  • Who Here Actually Races?

    Let me say at the outset this thread is not intended to dis anybody. Not my intention at all.

    What I am curious about is which members here regularly race their slotcars in organized competition -- at home, in a club setting, on commercial tracks, or via proxy.

    That is not something that necessarily is evident among our posters. Not that it is a measure of someone's "worthiness". Just something that might be of interest.

    I can say that I do race. I am an active member of the IHSR (Interstate Home Slot Racers) club, located in the Mid-Atlantic United States, racing 1/32nd scale cars on home tracks. And I was a member of HOCOC (HO Circuit of Champions) when I lived in New England a few years ago, mostly on home tracks. I have raced box-stock, modified commercial, and my own scratch-built slotcars. And I am not particularly champion material. I have won races, but I am more regularly mid-pack, and more often than I'd like to be, dead last.

    So who else is here?

    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA

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    I race or at least attempt too. I thought I'd get that in there before Stott or Sawtelle rag me.

    I'm kind of a slot racing purist. I don't like tracks where the lanes come together, I don't like track calls unless absolutely necessary, I don't like digital racing and I don't like stopping a race so someone can fix their car or they put another car on the track if theirs breaks.

    I'll take my lumps when I get my tail whipped and try to do better next time.
    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      "...or at least attempt too." is much closer to the truth. On a more serious note, we always enjoy racing with you Butch.

    • Pappy
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      One of these days I'm going to beat you and you won't enjoy it so much. LOL

    • Mikeinclover
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      Everyone needs goals Butch.

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    Our group races on a weekly basis. We have between six and nine participants per week.


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      Every Wednesday. We have 3 routed wood 3-lane tracks in our club, all at 10 volts. We have about 15 classes, of which we regularly race 12 - 4 every week. Our membership varies from between 6 and 10 racers.

      Video from one of our tracks...
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      • HO RacePro
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        Nice track for home/club racing. Interesting to see racing in both directions. Not commonly done.

      • PetesLightKits
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        Actually, we didn't and don't normally race in both directions on any given evening. We used to race that track in the opposite direction but found that it gave one lane a distinct advantage (even though we do rotate lanes). It just races better in the current direction. I plan to do a video of that track to show the whole track and the race flow.

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      I do have a small test track at home, it's on a board the size of a door but rarely gets used, only for setting up Rally cars.

      Other than that I race at our club every Thurs night, 3 lane routed track or a permanent Rally stage (both 13.8v) at the Manx Slot Car Club in the Isle of Man
      Kevan - Isle of Man
      Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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        I race weekly with an analog club of about a dozen guys, and whenever I can with some digital guys. Primarily 1/32 hard body, plastic chassis cars, but occasionally other things, from Scalextric to Thunderslot and everything in between.


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          Every Tues nite, 4-7 guys show up and we run several different types of 1/24 races. All for fun or don't show up. if you think winning is real important you don't belong with us. There are 6 controller hookups so guys are spaced apart if they want to be. One guy is always at each end of the track, I will say this forum probably has more guys that actually run slot cars than any other forum. The other slot car forum I follow is mostly guys talking about what they did in 1972. Probably no more than 20% have raced a car in the last 10-20 years.
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          Matt B
          So. In


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            My son and I race with a small group of guys, but it is a roughly weekly, winter activity. We have a group of 6 or 7 guys with 3 and 4 lane routed MDF tracks, 60 - 100' . Our racing is not highly organized. The only rule is silicone tires are required. We aren't fussy about classes or anything else, but everyone tries to run similar style cars. Everyone picks their own voltage to use. The objective is to have some fun and be competitive. If you want to run a RevoSlot Ferrari F40 at 10.5 volts and I'm running an NSR Evo King C7 Vette at 9.5 volts, it's just fine.

            Unfortunately, in the warm months, activities move outdoors. Aside from this group of guys, there isn't much interest in slot cars around here. There is one commercial track still in business, but on most days, it is deserted. The guy who runs it isn't doing it for the money. I try to recruit new bodies, but without much success. So, when I'm not doing something else in the summer, I build new tracks. Some don't last long before I tear them down and start over. I like to try different concepts, some work and some don't. I tried digital, but it has some major limitations I don't like.
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              Our club races on a weekly basis. we have about 8 home tracks that we use. we have 3 ovals and 5 road courses, and we run on 10 volts.
              Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
              Connecticut, U.S.A.


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                I race mostly 1/32 non magnet.
                One group is called HOST where we try to meet up every 3-4 weeks on a Sat morning/early afternoon. We race a variety of cars from vintage to open.
                Recently just started weekly racing at a new place called Main Street Racing in Windsor, VT on a 195' routed PVC track. They have Pioneer Muscle Cars and Legends, and Carrera. Trying to get them hooked on NSR Sportscars . They also have IROC style races with Policar Subbies and Scaley vintage Nascars on Friday nights.
                Every once in a while, we have 1/32 and 1/24 scale drag racing.
                Dickie Pearson
                Canterbury, NH

                HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                MSR - Main Street Racing


                • Bal r 14
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                  PVC track? Please elaborate.

                • gsnopoint
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                  Can I assume that the routed PVC is like/same as the "sintra" that is used for CNC routed HO scale tracks?

                • dungeonracer
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                  Sintra, Nylon, PVC.... I dunno what it actually is, but it isn't wood. Very smooth, silicone tires grip well on it

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                We race all nonmagnetic, we race every Wednesday we run two classes. We have been getting between 18 to 20 racers every week. We run each class for about 6 weeks then change it up. We also run national events and enduro races. We will be running the Sideways nationals in May and the NSR nationals in October. We also race two classes on Friday aafternoon.So yes we do race them.
                Clover Leaf Racing 7746 Clyde Road Fenton MI 48430 U.S.A. 313-473-SLOT
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                  I primarily race 1/10th scale RC these days. We have a local indoor track with carpet that puts up some ramps for an off-road program on Saturday nights. They run an on-road program on Friday nights that I would prefer to do, but I can't quite get there in time in a reasonable manner to do that.

                  My slot racing is limited to building for proxy races and the occasional races with my son. There is a neat place to do slot racing here called Innovative Slots, but the schedule and logistics of driving across town and kid's schedules just don't line up for me.

                  Indianapolis, IN


                  • Pappy
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                    What side of Indianapolis do you live? Might be easier for you to come to my place in Oxford, Ohio. We're open 24/7 by appointment only.

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                  I am in two Clubs that race mostly 1/32nd nonmagnetic cars. One club race's weekly, Wednesday night and the following week on Saturday. Some guys can't make the night racing, so we started to race the Saturdays at the LHS club track. We race 2 classes for 12 weeks, with the changing of a class in the middle of the other class. Most classes are Box Stock plus, only allowing tire changes and adding weight. We run from 1950's cars to Modern GT. We are rotating from 5 home tracks and the LHS track. All cars will be using silicone tires. The second Club is a Vintage slot car club. We run 3 classes for a season each year, not racing in the Summer. One class must be Vintage slot cars. the other two classes can be Vintage or current made cars. All cars raced must be 30-year-old or more styled cars. Such as a class for Slot,it Group C cars. Both clubs will have between 6 and 10 members at a race. Most cars with be using Silicone tires if they are available. A vintage car will be using a vintage body, chassis, motor and running gear.

                  Jim W
                  Denver, CO area
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                    I race with a great group every two weeks, 1/32 routed no-mags. We also do 1/24 as well. Its all good.


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                      Short answer: Yes, with caveats.

                      Long answer:

                      I'm a lone wolf. No known slotters in my region, at least if there is, I don't know of them. However, I'm fine with that. (I would probably be a lone wolf anyway.) Being a lone wolf I get to do things my way and it works out great.

                      However, I do race... but only with AI/"ghost" cars using my Carrera D132 set up. Strictly short track oval with "dirt type" cars. I have seasons, points, etc. It's a ton of fun when I do it.

                      The "when" part is the unknown. My last slotting activity was last summer. I have several big non-slot projects this summer, so I don't know when/where/if my slotting will fit into it anytime soon.

                      BUT... I check HRW every day, look at threads of interest, and overall enjoy sitting back and vicariously enjoying the slotting of others.

                      OH, and my other slotting indulgence is vintage home sets and cars, with an emphasis on Strombecker. I don't really "race" when I have a vintage track set up, but I do enjoy hot lapping and playing with my vintage stuff.

                      I have a modest collection of D132 "dirt track" type cars, and a modest collection of vintage 1/32 home set type slot cars. I enjoy both genres.
                      Andre Ming
                      Poteau, OK