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  • Been here, done this?

    At times I've gotten close to rounding out my 962 beer liveries. Of course it's simply is. And, despite thinning availability of first gen cars, I have at all moments talked myself out of picking up a BRM 962 Bud shell to build out.. because I can't stand Budweiser.

    So rummaging through the decal stockpile, of course not what I needed, but an old invoice dated I kid you not, a year ago today...
    ..It said Bud 962...
    It had to be a typo, but Alan at 132 doesn't make mistakes. Went to the hoarded stack of 962 kits. Bottom one,....bottoms up.
    Sitting right there.
    If it were a Guinness livery I'da known..

    Don't let this happen to you🤣

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    Yeah, I dunno what it is about Budweiser, but I can't drink it either. Gives me bad headaches afterwards...
    But they are cool looking cars. Even cooler when they get beat by Miller High Life cars....
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

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      how about a photo? I would like to see other 962/956 liveries. i know of Bud, Lowenbrau, Jagermister, Miller
      Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii


      • FC47
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        No Jager, just the Bud, Miller, Lowenbrau,
        I'll dig em out..

        hey sorry crazy day..
        Only half a dozen of the cars are out, 3 962's, 88C's, Merc's....but the fromA, Miller, Bud's are still sealed in their kit trays, not much to see for top shots, not opening to get the shells out..917's and 512..
        I googled 1/24 BRM 962 and went to images and saw dang near all of may have already..
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