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....anyway I met this woman....

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  • ....anyway I met this woman....

    Hey Guys,

    When you are older its harder to find someone that will fit with your lifestyle, interests, etc.

    Most women Ive dated have been either neutral or negative to my interest in slot cars.

    Very few actually show much interest.

    Anyway I met this woman, Debbie at a 50's social group Pizza and beer night.

    We have been dating for five months now and have gone from strength to strength. We are both car nuts and Debs also taken to the bikes like a duck does to water.

    The Slot cars?

    Yeah, she thinks they are awesome fun

    So much so we generally spend Saturday nights in running slot cars, eating pizza and having a few Vodkas.

    Ive been showing Deb the various types/classes/brands of 1/32 scale slot cars and letting her try them to get a feel for the nuances every model provides.

    I have been getting her a few cars to both encourage her continued interest and to salve my own conscience for the money i spend on my must have slot cars.... and I bloody well know Im not on my own in this, we are all addicts and have the need to either cover our habit, justify it and or include our significant other in our beautiful scale addiction.

    Accordingly I hooked Deb with a new lovely Blue livery Scaley Bentley Continental. Running moderate magnet (150-180gm on my magnet marshal), it was surprisingly a good performing GT3 car around our layout, not the quickest but still respectable.

    Since this scale toe in the water Ive got Deb a couple of new cars. She is a Hyundai N car fan so the latest SCX I20N rally car was a must and a Porsche 956/62 arrived today. Its pink, she likes pink, who am I to argue......

    Anyway, to all you old single, set in your ways blokes out there, there are women that like slot cars out there. Plying them with Vodka does help mind :}


    Rob Wessling

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    My wife doesn't like racing slot cars so she doesn't want one but she does like to turn marshal.
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    Butch Dunaway
    Oxford, Ohio


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      That's something like when my wife told me I didn't have enough motorcycles...
      Ed Bianchi
      York Pennsylvania USA


      • Rob Wessling
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        Hi Ed,

        Yes its a good thing, my girlfriend had never been into bikes, only cars, she converted over to the bikes pretty easy as well

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      It is great to find someone who can enjoy your hobby with you.
      My wife is not so much into the slot car racing per se but is a "car gal". She claims many of the cars she like as hers, but doesn't care to run them, at least she lets me enjoy my hobby and encourages it.
      Ayton, ON Canada


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        Lucky find! My wife just views it as a necessary evil same with street rodding and full size car racing and football on tv. I did build a metallic purple (her favorite color) Classic Manta Ray for her, but that didn't help!
        Click image for larger version

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        Matt B
        So. In


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          Congrats don't screw it up.


          • Rob Wessling
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            Thanks H, I think the trick is to do a Kurt and Jenny for some years, the eternal boyfriend/girlfriend, then review things

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          My wife doesn't do anything with slot cars, but she has never tried to stop me from racing them. she is behind my racing and building100%. she says it keeps me out of the bars and strip clubs.
          Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
          Connecticut, U.S.A.


          • Mitch58
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            Yeah, there is always that.

          • Rob Wessling
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            Agreed, I think many women are wise enough to see a hobby is a healthy pursuit for men

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          My wife has been very supportive about the hobby, it was at her suggestion that I took down the plastic Strombecker track and build a routed one (it was quieter). She was also gracious enough to give up half the basement for it. She will marshal during club events or proxies if needed.

          However when it comes to actually driving/racing the cars, after a few laps she'll stop and say "I just don't get it" and disappear back into her sewing room.


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            Good find. My better half has nothing to do with my Hobbie. She has made a commitment why I need so many slot cars you can one run one at a time I ask why do you have so many shoes. You only have two feet. In her defense I do think I have more slot cars than she has shoes...
            THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
            Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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              My wife and I accept we have different interests and each do our own thing. She spends her money on what she wants and I do the same.

              Unfortunately, we're mostly from generations where there were things a person should or shouldn't care about or do based on gender. If a girl was drawn to toy trucks and cars beyond a very young age those things would be taken away and replaced with dolls and the like. Same for a boy who expressed an interest in 'girl' stuff. No wonder most people fit neatly within predefined categories about likes & dislikes.

              Hopefully things will continue to change allowing everyone to embrace individual preferences. Of course that could mean our having to accept getting our butts kicked on the track by women and girls. AND, our partners would have to be comfortable with our hanging out in basements with likely younger women.


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                My wife tolerates my hobbies. The family basically is impressed with scenery, but as far as railroading or slotcars go they have zero interest in the moving parts.

                Glad you found someone who enjoys this obsession. Together the obsession becomes quality time together.

                G.P Alberta


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                  Now you need to build a real nice 80' routed track for her!


                  • Rob Wessling
                    Rob Wessling commented
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                    Funny you should mention that mate

                    Deb has this large 9 metre by 15 metre barn style shed at her place....

                    Im thinking a nice four lane 1/24 scale track would look great in there

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                  Now the trick is to always remember Her birthday...but never Her age.



                  • dungeonracer
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                    Yeah, what he said!!!! lol