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  • Slotting Superstitions

    "There are few things more valuable than good luck., but while good luck costs nothing it cannot be purchased at any price." Ed Bianchi

    Who was it said, "I'd rather be lucky than good"?

    I've heard that folks involved in 1:1 racing tend to be very superstitious. Given how much luck, good and bad, plays into race results, that would be easy to understand.

    I've said that you should never apologize for good luck, because you have already paid for it, or will pay for it, in compensatory bad luck. Things tend to average out.

    Okay, that's me on luck. Superstition isn't something I do. Still, like anybody else, I hope for good luck and regret bad. I do wish it were possible to manufacture good luck. The closest I come is careful race prep.

    But I am certain there are folks here who, for reasons rational or not, have their own little rituals intended to placate the Slotting Gods. C'mon, I know you're out there. Fess up. Whatdaya do to invoke White Ju-Ju?
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    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA

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    Wow. I am alittle surprised no one has commented on this topic. And since I couldn't get back to sleep, what else is there to do but carous the old posts on HRW Forum.

    Here's what I do to invoke my racing mojo...
    I get down on my knees on the basement floor next to my track. and I bow my head and fold my hands and I say a short prayer.
    "Lord, please give me the gift of a steady hand and a smooth finger. The patience to bite my lip when I see one of my cars go off the table. And if I can't kick them in the #@!, let me do it today "just this one time", on the track. Amen

    I usually race with my kids and grandkids.
    Scott C.
    Amherst, WI
    Just "a simple kind of man".


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      "When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way."

      - Stevie Ray Vaughan


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        The song was originally written by guitarist Jeff Beck in collaboration with Stevie Wonder and was first released by Stevie Wonder as a single and on his 'Talking Book' album. Love funky music as much as slot cars!

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        Stevie Wonder…..I believe belted this out first. I like both versions though

      • Silberpfeil
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        SRV's version is way better. He makes His guitar "talk".

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      I don't believe in luck, but some happenings result in good fortune. Probability underwrites everything from quantum mechanics to the lottery and to a car jumping out of the slot and rotating 360 degrees in the air before landing back in the same slot and continuing forward. Something that has a one in a million chance of happening will actually happen every million trials, on average.

      In my opinion what we tend to call 'luck' is the product of talent, preparation, and good fortune. Talented persons with good work ethics tend to be lucky a lot.


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        I see one ritual repeated very often. Tire cleaning. As often as not, they don't need it since you just cleaned them 4 laps ago, the last time you went off the track.


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          Well ever since I started growing out my bread I have been on a major winning streak at the club races. Wife tried to get me shave it off for valentines or she would go out to dinner with me. Well at least I enjoyed the prime rib dinner
          Not sure what she had to eat on a side note.. My back still sore from sleeping on the couch.
          THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
          Member NASTE (Northwest Association of Slot Track Enthusiasts)


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            Geez Doc

            Running a slot car I 'run a couple more laps' before I stop and reach for the next 'favorite',
            I 'can't just stop' the car on track....dunno why.

            1:1 - all the typical preparation, listen to the car,
            I never worry about a thing..



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              I have seen a few with different drivers a couple I found funny were the color of the car. If it was a green car they didn't think it would win and I have a guy at the store who will only buy odd numbered cars. He is one of our better racers so maybe that one has some merit.
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                I don't have any superstitions but I do have set work routines on race night.
                Kevan - Isle of Man
                Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                  "The harder I work, the luckier I get."

                  Don't know who said it first ('twas not me) but it works for me.


                  • Kevan
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                    I believe it was Richard Branson

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                  When I get the smile on my face after running a rebuilt or newly built proxy car, box it up, seal the box so it is ready to ship and I don’t think about it.
                  The Jester
                  of Da Lou (St. Louis) but from
                  the Soxside (Chicago)


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                    Like a basketball player who won’t leave the practice court on a miss, I’ll never take a car off the track right after a despot. Unless, of course, it is too busted up to run.😏
                    Mike V.
                    Western North Carolina


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                      Just to revisit my original post...

                      I still maintain I am immune to slotting superstitions. I will admit, however, to naming one of my motorcycles "Homer", in the hope that he would always get me home.

                      He did let me sit once when his charging system failed. Still got me home after I got his battery recharged.
                      Ed Bianchi
                      York Pennsylvania USA


                      • Kevan
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                      No slotting superstitions here and not a big believer in luck either so nothing to "fess up". Come to think of it, don't usually do much race prep if any either, other than cleaning tyres before each heat.
                      CHCH NZ


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                        A good fart at the drivers stations has always brought me good luck.
                        Butch Dunaway
                        Oxford, Ohio


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                          Your nickname isn't stinky by any chance