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2022 Slot Car resolutions

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  • 2022 Slot Car resolutions

    This is NOT intended to have anything to do with eating more veggies or being nicer to Aunt Min. Just a place to share slot car hobby related plans and goals among friends.

    My primary resolution has to be to clean up my race place. The majority of my time these days is spent up in the barn loft which I remodeled about 15 years ago expressly to house my routed oval track. Since then it's become home to a second track, a routed road course, a super comfy rocker recliner, big flat screen TV, and the sofa that was once in my office. And, a bed that pulls out from under the road course but for over a year now has been in front of the oval so I can't get at the track. All of the surfaces have become cluttered preventing getting any work on cars done.

    About all I can do is relax & recline while watching TV (football!) and use the computer to keep up with goings on at HRW. Since I keep buying cars I should really be able to use them as intended. One of these years I might even want to get the new oval I got CNC routed 2 years ago set up and working.

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    I hear you I’m pretty much in the same boat since all this Covid crap hit
    Haven't had a shut down at work ( we’re essential workers ? ) so no down time and no visitors to the tracks seems to make them a convenient bench 🤬
    Peterborough Ont