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    Hello all
    A good discussion over on the HRW Fb page so I thought I would bring it here.

    I am a big fan of Can Am cars - I think they are great looking cars particularly the late 60s early 70s ones.

    As some (or all) of you know Can Am had some one off oddities racing in the class and there was also the time when the World Championship of Makes (WCM) race was on the Saturday and the Can Am Champ race on the Sunday so some even odder cars like 917K, GT40, 512S, 908/3s 312s found themselves racing McLaren's and Lolas McKees and BRMs and the 917/10s

    At our race group we run a Can Am class. We also have a LeMans Classic class. One of the discussion points is usually around whether we allow the exotics into the Can Am class. Now there are a few oddities that do creep in - Tony Dean ran a Porsche 908/2 in the Can Am Championship and there was the Porsche 917 PA spyder as well which Fly made. General consensus in our group though is if it has headlights you can't run it in Can Am class. Now a few people try to run the 908/3 and Cheverons because they look like Can Am cars - and whilst a 908/3 from the WCM race also ran in some Can Am races on the Sunday we don't usually allow them. After all there is another class you can race them in.

    So what is Can Am like where you race - do stick to Can Am cars or do you allow anything that looks like a Can Am car
    What about other classes - any issues with people running cars that don't really belong in the class being raced or is this something that only happens with Can Am.

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    Years ago HRW Can Am ran 917k, GT40, Lola T70 Coupe to name a few plus Group 4 cars. If I’m wrong it’s Group7 cars. Basically, non LeMans and F1 sanctioned cars. Mclaren M8, 917PA, 917-10 , Shadow, Lola Spyder p, Ti-22. Cars without a roof basically but no 908.
    Personally, I feel a LeMans Am will make a lot of people happy unless you are looking to be perfectly period correct.
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      In Portland a few years ago we created a Lemans Class that is made up of mostly stock ( we allow gear upgrades and after market set screw wheels) Fly, Scalextric, Spirit, ect type of cars. We set it up this way because many of us had these cars that were just sitting on a shelf because any class where they fit was dominated by Slot It type cars.

      As for Can Am, we race these in two different scales by two different but overlapping groups. In 1/24 we race Cam Am on lightweight scratch brass chassis and Flexi chassis modified to fit the .910 tires. To keep the variety in place our rules say that if it ever ran in a Can Am race by either a team or an independent it is eligible. So if someone wants to build an obscure one off car, as some guys do, they have a place to race it.
      In 1/32 our Cam Am class is blended with the earlier USSRC to allow those without large collections of cars to race the GT40 or something they already have for another class.

      Some of our members are heavily involved and are present for almost every race, others we may see only two or three times a year. We have some racers who race cars right out of the box and others who are very into tuning the production cars to get the most out of them. We have still others who like to scratch build almost everything they put on the track. So we keep our rules flexible to include as many racers as possible.
      Pre Covid we would often have 20 racers at our bi-weekly races, for a while now we've been down to around 6-10 die-hards. We also have a few others trickling back in. Just yesterday he had 15 racers for a 1/24 scale race of Vintage Nascar and Can Am.

      Like any group we have a few rivet counters and scale freaks who also like to point out that this car doesn't belong in this group, that car looks too wide, that car never ran with those wheels.... the rest of us just smile put our cars into the slot and race on.
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        Hi Mitch can you post photos of the 1/24 Can Am cars please? What bodies do you use?

        "Like any group we have a few rivet counters and scale freaks who also like to point out that this car doesn't belong in this group, that car looks too wide, that car never ran with those wheels.... the rest of us just smile put our cars into the slot and race on."

        I am so glad the group I race with has those 'type' of people in it and there are folks on this forum that are interested in the history of motor racing. I have found a whole new part of the hobby learning about racers and race cars from the other side of the world that raced cars when I was a junior. I doubt I would be into this hobby as much as I am if it wasn't for this aspect, I suspect I would have gone back to my model railroading.

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          As a solo racer this might not seem to be an issue, but it is because I like being 'period correct'. Cars on my oval are replicas of those I've seen run in short track dirt races so not really any issues there regarding body types. The key for me is keeping them mechanically similar so lap times are competitive.

          I built the road course specifically for recreating Trans Am races from the '66 to '72 era and all cars have to be replicas of a car that ran in a SCCA Trans Am race. Thankfully all of the SCCA race reports are available online so I can verify things. All my cars have an assigned driver that also has to be verified. It matters to me if Jerry Titus in a Mustang is able to finish ahead of Mark Donohue in a Camaro.

          Over time I've added Le Mans and Can Am classes and basically follow the same principles. Only open cockpit cars are allowed in the Can Am class and there has to be some evidence the car & driver combo did or could have run in a Can Am event. In most cases it's easy to determine eligibility of McLarens, Porsche 917/10s and 917/30s, Chaparrals, etc. I allow 908's and Chevron B19s & B21s because I'm confident if they showed up at a Can Am event they would have been allowed to run.

          The Le Mans class is for closed cockpit cars only and I require evidence the given replica & driver ran in a World Sportscar Championship endurance race, be it Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Targa Florio, etc. I limit entry to Porsche, Ferrari, Lola, Ford, and Chaparral cars and track those results because like in Trans Am manufacturer points matter.

          While I think class integrity matters, in a club setting competitive issues are equally important. Thunderslot and NSR cars belong together, as do others like Scalextric and Fly cars. Drivers should get a a car that fits in the race class rather than creating a class around what cars drivers have. Having 1 or 2 loaner cars might solve the problem if one occurs.