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  • Zum

    The Way of Zum

    All mortal souls are bound to the Great Racetrack of Existence, wherein they
    seek Enlightenment through achievement of the Perfect Lap.

    The Disciple of Zum has respect for all who compete upon the Great Racetrack of Existence, but strives to whup their asses anyway.

    Zum teaches reverence for all life, without which there would be no Chicken
    McNuggets, with which the Disciple of Zum seeks Oneness.

    To advance in the knowledge of Zum, the Disciple seeks always a more perfect
    understanding of the elegant simplicity and infinite complexity of the

    The Master of Zum crafts all things from their most simple materials, by
    which he gains understanding of his Slotcar, himself, and the Great Racetrack
    of Existence.

    All who practice Zum are obliged to offer help and guidance to any who seek
    it. The greatest and humblest duty of the Master of Zum is to teach.

    The Central Discipline of Zum is to drive the Slotcar. Through the mental
    disciplines of Zum, the Master of Zum will enter the plane known as The Zone,
    wherein he is one with the Slotcar and the Racetrack, and in harmony with all
    Existence. It is there that the Master of Zum shall seek the Perfect Lap.

    The soul that through mastery of Zum achieves the Perfect Lap shall break
    free of the Great Racetrack of Existence and enter the Plane of Eternal
    Harmony -– which doesn’t sound like near so much fun.
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

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    Somehow "The Way of Zum" got separated from my name -- Ed Bianchi. I wrote (concocted? committed?) it.

    I'm not at all miffed. I'm proud of it, and like the fact that there are other folks out there who appreciate it.

    By the way, it is pronounced "Zoom".

    Ed Bianchi
    Ed Bianchi
    York Pennsylvania USA


    • War Eagle River
      War Eagle River commented
      Editing a comment
      This came up on my Facebook feed a couple of years ago, shared it then. Found it in my notes this morning, shared it again. It’s a great piece!