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TGIF!! It's Weenie Weather folks...

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  • TGIF!! It's Weenie Weather folks...

    Been a busy but productive week. Been hotter than new love here for a few days and just seemed like a time to do up some dogs!


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    Consider using mayo instead of butter when toasting the rolls. Or, a mix of mayo, garlic, and a little hot or chili sauce.


    • arroldn
      arroldn commented
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      No mayo on a hot dog, never. Mayo belongs in salads, tuna and deviled eggs. Maybe a turkey sandwich. Never on dogs or hamburgers.

    • slothead
      slothead commented
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      Not on the dogs or burgers, just on the inside of the buns or rolls for toasting. No sign of it afterwards except better toasting. Tried it on philly cheesesteak sandwiches and it worked well.

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    Making me very hungry!
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      Where’s the beanies to go with those weenies?!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


      • HomeRacingWorld
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        Just didn't have the Benjamins for that this time. Had to make a parts order. My silly priorities.

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      LOL , if you are going to do loosely on Chicago style where are the mini sport peppers ?


      • HomeRacingWorld
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        When I say loose....I mean it Do the Jalapeno bits count? I hope so

      • Fathead59
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        Well Boss , if there was Jalapeño bits in there then that does count . Looks good by the way

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      Boy, They are looking good.
      Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
      Connecticut, U.S.A.


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        Believe it or not, you just made Baltimore Open Market style! "Dr Jerry's" sandwich shop in the market (near Johns Hopkins Medical School), makes exactly that dog. When I was there, he made the "Watergate Special" sandwich... "a whole lot of baloney". I had that dog, and its identical to yours. Hey, you're famous, kinda!


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          Just got home…scrounging for dinner. You inspired me…Gonna throw on some tube steaks
          Brian Mc
          Minnecrapulous, Mn

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