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  • Smoke

    With 1230 wildfires in British Columbia the air quality index has been in the 300’s which is considered dangerous. Good time to stay indoors and host proxies?

    Driving home from work yesterday
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ID:	111367 Sunset yesterday
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    Sunrise this morning
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    We are seeing the smoke from the wildfires out west, in SE Wisconsin. Scary!


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      I'm sure it'll head down here into eastern Washington soon. You have some beautiful country up there Cyracer! Went through Kelowna on a motorcycle trip through Canada, after we came through Banff & Jasper . Stayed the night in Kelowna and we've been talking about needing to get back up there at some point.


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        Yikes! Those western fires have been affecting air quality as far east as here in North Carolina.
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          We got smoke here in So. Indiana. Bad thing is, I don't see a solution. It will continue to get worse every year. This year is already way ahead of last year.
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            Simply terrible. Stay inside and stay cool.


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              We need those trees. This can't continue.
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              • mattb
                mattb commented
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                I just don't see what can be done. One time I thought maybe bulldozing and clear cutting spaces and isolating sections might work, but some these fires can jump 1/4 mile or so. If it was possible to do it, it might take a 1/4 mile wide clear cut to isolate a fire. No effective way to fight these fires. Seems like there is a little bit they can do to control them, but not a lot. Dry heat and drought in the southwest US is severe and that has been getting worse every year and that makes it a tender box. I just don't see a way out. Anybody heard of any effective way we can stop this?

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              Cut them all down before they burn... but it going be like these till get back to a normal weather pattern and have some good wet winters and good snow pack. Been like these for 10 years. It has happened before in the distance pass and we will come out of these drought like it did then.
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                Some interesting data: historical wildfires by year in BC for the past 12 years:

                Click image for larger version

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                And data for the current year so far:

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                Some thoughts:

                * Historically in terms of area burnt, 2017 and 2018 were horrific standout years: both more than 1 million hectares
                * The percentage of fires caused by humans is a disaster. That is something we DEFINITELY have to work on!
                * Fortunately, 2019 and 2020 were "good" years in terms of numbers of fires and area burnt.
                * This year we seem to be on track for something similar to the worst couple of years. 😥
                * One factor that I am not sure of is how fire suppression affects the intensity of wildfires. In nature, fires would burn themselves out. Are we increasing the fuel load by fighting fires? And because of this, is part of how bad this year will be due to the two more mild fire years in 2019/2020?

                Very sad....


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                  That’s horrible...please be safe Cgy and keep a watchful eye out!!!
                  TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
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                    There have been some good documentaries on PBS about wildfires. Yes, fighting fires preserves fuel for the next round of fires. Huge issue is human intrusion into areas the previously had less human population. People like having a home in wooded areas. How do you tell someone letting their house and property burn is a good outcome? Cutting down the trees would alter the ecology and undermine land values. As a developer I'd want the land that will fetch the most money once homes are built on it. After the sale I'm not involved anymore.