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Pikes Peak Hillclimb 2021

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  • Pikes Peak Hillclimb 2021

    My younger brother, Paul, the former Stig for Top Gear, USA and also as a driver for The Grand Tour, former lead instructor at the Jim Russell Racing School at Sonoma, is back at it at the Peak this year, in a much improved Enviate. This runs in the unlimited class. It;s a tube-framed single-seater (hand-built in a shed by Cody Loveland of Lovefab) with crazy aero resulting in 7K of down force at 160 MPH - the aero package once again was designed by Sebastien Lamour of the Alfa Romeo F1 team. The engine is an turboed SBC LS built buy Supercar Systems putting out about 1K horsepower (Yeah, 1K of horsepower doesn't seem like much but no one but no one runs a SBC at full throttle for 9 minutes and then there's the cooling and fueling changes with all the changes in air density that climbing from 9K' to over 14K' brings - you want the motor to live), it's also now running a PDK style transmission (45 second improvement right there). You test in sections and never get to run the whole course till race day.

    Anyway, here's their first test run at the top.

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    That is a great looking hill climb special.

    Would be a natural as a slot car!



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      There have been some spectacular Hill Climb tracks on HRW over the years, some with really elaborate scenery. The great thing about them is that you can build a hillclimb in a relatively small space, and it can be one lane up and the same one lane down without complex wiring, just a loop at the top with reverse polarity, and a start/finish at the bottom.


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        Well, now that we've invested in watching that video - you have to post the subsequent ones, as we follow the adopted HRW entry in this year's event....
        All the way from Sydney, Australia.......

        Cheers, Tony.