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Snow report?

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  • Snow report?

    Looks like our friends in the NE got the snow hammer.

    Hope everyone is safe an sound.

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    About 8 inches here in northern Connecticut. Tractor and snowblower got a good workout.
    Steve - Connecticut, U.S.A. - Shoreline Model Raceways Club


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      Can you please steer it South!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        Just sitting watching everyone cleaning up. Car undercover and parking lot is being cleaned

        20 inches here in Merrimack NH, Loving it !!!
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          Been snowing here off and on (mostly on) since early October. No wonder Doc scarpered to Florida...


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            I live in southern Connecticut, two years ago I bought a nice self propelled snow blower because pushing my older single stage snow blower into a lot of wet snow was hard on my shoulders. Since then most of the storms right where I live have mostly been broom jobs and I have only an hour or so on the big machine, which is just fine with me. The latest storm lasted two days and barely covered the ground.


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              got about 6-8" over 2 days. But it was good for the extra hours clearing the snow with the loader


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                This was a southern storm within the state of NH. I went from bare ground to 18" during the two days Dickie mentioned. I'm 15 mi. west of Manchester. A couple towns, a bit further west & at a higher elevation, got 33" & 36". The further north in the state you traveled, the less snow they got. But most those areas already had snow on the ground from previous storms.



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                  No worries, we just sent another storm eastward. We received 11/16" of rainfall which should equate to more once it moves east of the Mississippi.