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  • Printer set back.

    Well after about 6 months of solid use my Anycubic Mono had an LCD screen failure. I have sourced out a replacement screen and and got it ordered

    They tell you these screens are a consumable, but I failed to prepare, and did not have one stockpiled. So now I have to sit and wait until my replacement screen shows up and my printer is dead in the water. Going through withdrawal symptoms as I can no longer just print out what I want. I am surprised how fast this technology has become so crucial to my hobby. 6 months ago I never owned one and now I am lost without it.

    Back to brass and solder while I wait for a replacement part. I do have some Mag racing stands that I can now put a priority on as well, and maybe work on some scenery. I had printed out a hundred spectators, so I will paint them as well.

    Screen replacement is an easy 15 minute job as I went through all the motions in an attempt to reset my failed screen to see if it was a connection problem. Unfortunately it wasn’t and the new screen is required.

    So to add to my learning curve on resin printing and maybe help out others who are considering it please consider the following

    When purchasing a resin printer the following are real honest consumables.

    Resin $50/ 1000ml. This is enough to do about 12 1/32 scale shells
    FEP membrane $10 Sheet I have only had to replace one so far
    LCD screen $60. I feel this was a premature failure and have emails into Anycubic to have this replaced on warranty. They are on warranty for 1 year. However I have also gone ahead and ordered a replacement screen as I don’t want to be down an excessive amount of time while Anycubic decides how they are going to rectify this issue. If and when they come through with a replacement it will go into my stock

    So when getting into resin printing the above should be factored into your decision. All resin printers are basically the same. These LCD mono screens are not proprietary, and the industry is supplied by a third party producer. This means the screen on a Anycubic is likely to be the same as on a Mars or a Phrozen.

    So I hope this info helps shed some light on what to expect.




    G.P Alberta

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    Yeah, it's funny how that works. 3DP does have consumables.

    For my Ender3, a $20 roll of filament does about the same number of bodies, and brass nozzles are consumable but inexpensive.

    Resin will get there, in a year or two.
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      I know exactly what you mean Dan, my Mono X is the most important tool I have now. I've always printed chassis on FDM printers but my resin body experiences are leading me to believe I should be looking at chassis also.
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