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Requirements to make new blade assemblies?

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  • Requirements to make new blade assemblies?

    I have a routed 3 lane MDF track with very tight and uneven turns. I am finding that some car brands have blades that don't extend deep enough in the slot for this track configuration, but they are fine on plastic tracks. So, I was thinking the way to resolve this issue was to make my own blade assemblies. I have no experience with 3D printing and I was wondering if this is a reasonable objective, or too cost prohibitive to make sense. Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.

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    You will get all sorts of opinions but some of us have been running 3D printed guides for a year or more.

    I would say there are easier ways to make a deep guide like gluing a strip of styrene along the bottom and trimming as desired.....but if you already have a printer then yes.... Thingiverse is your friend.
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      you could give example of car you are having trouble with. since you dont have a 3Dprinter, you would have to get a printer and a file or go thru learning to cad and conversion to STL file to make them. or have to find someone selling them.
      you could try more weight just behind the guide, adjust front axel higher (this lowers the front of the car and the guide is lower), reduce front tire diameter (truing front tires also lowers front of the car), or replace the guide with a routed track guide.
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        I have removed the front tires on the cars in question and it doesn't really help. There are no routed track guides available for these cars. In the old days, I used a generic guide assembly and made my own frames from brass tubing. I'm thinking this may be my best bet.


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          Slotingplus make guides 8.3mm deep, just cut them to length as they're very long. As they're nylon they just don't break.
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            Originally posted by Kevan View Post
            Slotingplus make guides 8.3mm deep, just cut them to length as they're very long. As they're nylon they just don't break.
            I took your advice. I am using these guides on almost all of my cars now. They have the added advantage of being long in front, so you can get a better angle between the front wheels and tip of the guide. It seems to help stability.


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              Just a question here , can't you glue pieces of styrene onto the blades to make them deeper ? I thought I had seen a post on just that thing , either here or in the old forum .


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