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  • New BARC Chassis

    Finally got some resin in and test printed the new Can Am Chassis I designed for the proxy. This has been printed with general resin for print testing purposes. Took a couple of prints to get it all sorted out, but have arrived at the final design. The race version will be printed using a mixture of about 40% tenacious resin. Body is for the Porsche 917-10 print.

    Bearings fit in all the corners. A 130 motor is installed on its side and then rotated into place creating no stress on the print. File needs mounting holes for the body as well as the motor screws.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	E889FEAC-CA33-4C79-A032-CB97AA614D13.jpeg
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    NICE !!! When will you be making them available?
    Keep at it.


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      Once I get everything done on it (mounting holes)and successfully printed using a flexible resin, I will throw it on Thingiverse . I need to dress it out and do some running with it and see what I got here. It is nice to take some ideas and run with them., but I have no idea what this chassis will run like. If it is all good, this will be a freebee file on thingiverse.


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        It's given you something to work on, once you get a design you'll keep tweaking it.

        The guide looks printed too, is that a thingiverse jobbie?


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          The guide is a Thingiverse file and is fine but I need to use a different resin. The guide wore away in 20 minutes of running


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            Nylon is probably going to be best for guides but not the easiest to do via FDM.


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              Very nice chassis, reminds me a bit of the old Cox chassis . Cuc.