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My new Monoprice Delta Pro 3D printer

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  • My new Monoprice Delta Pro 3D printer

    Recently a friend and I pooled our resources and purchased the above referenced 3D printer. We had been researching for several months which printer to buy. We decided that instead of buying a small limited capability printer in the $200-$400 range intended for beginners we would take the next step and look for one in the $500-$800 range that would satisfy our wants and needs for quite a while. After watching hours of youtube videos we narrowed down the range of choices that included the MP Delta Pro and when we discovered that this printer had just been reduced in price from approx. $1,200 to $699 we decided to make our move. Initially there was a problem that resulted from damage to the printer during shipment preventing the user interface from operating properly. After contacting Monoprice and informing them about the problem we repackaged the unit and sent it back to their US warehouse in California at their expense. Two weeks later the replacement unit arrived. We wasted little time hooking it up and although I have over 20 years experience working in the civil engineering field using Autocad (2D) to create engineering plans little of what I knew about CAD work was applicable to the new world of 3D CAD and printing. So, it was back to youtube to see how much we could learn. There is a local users group that meets periodically where other users lend their knowledge to beginners but unfortunately due to the COVID 19 situation they are temporarily closed to the public and not accepting beginners. But I was able to get started by using a service called Tinkercad which is online based and free (the only potential downside is that all files created are kept on the web and available for anyone to use. No privacy here). There is also a web site called thingi-verse where literally thousands of objects that have been created are available for free or a minimal fee. I also downloaded a program called Freecad which I am learning so that I can create my own designs. To be honest my original interest in acquiring a 3D printer was to make designs for my other hobby of model building and I originally gave little thought to creating anything to do with slot cars. But while browsing through Thingi-verse I started running across items intended for the slot car world. I have now downloaded several files from slot car bodies and chassis to wheel inserts and guide flags.

    There are multiple web sites with files created by experts in all categories of interest and several free cad programs as well as others that are available as a purchase. I am happy with my choice of the MP Delta Pro 3D printer but I probably would have been just as happy with several other printers by other manufacturers. I chose to go with a printer that use spools of filaments called PLA but there are other material choices out there as well. Below are some images of a generic sports car and chassis I downloaded and printed. The chassis accepts a inline motor pod or a motor pod can be downloaded and printed. The options and choices are nearly unlimited. Click image for larger version

Name:	Sports Coupe 003.jpg
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ID:	53763Click image for larger version

Name:	Sports Coupe 001.jpg
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ID:	53764Click image for larger version

Name:	Sports Coupe 002.jpg
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    PLA is the #1 filament for all FDM printers, you can get great results with it but there are better materials out there when the going starts getting tough on the parts printed.
    Kevan - Isle of Man
    Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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      One more thing I forgot to mention. The glass bed that the printer works from is heated when an object is being created. It can be heated to over 100 o centigrade. I'm betting that a bent plastic chassis. if laid out and weighted will completely straighten out if the bed is heated for a while and then allowed to slowly cool back down. I'm going to try this idea soon, just have to find a likely candidate.


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        TinkerCAD files are private by default. They are shared only if you change the settings for each file. Thingiverse is 100% free to use / download anything that is posted.



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          Ok, Pinshape, another source of stl files is the one that has both free downloads and others that have a price tag. Thingiverse does ask for donations to be given to the creators of objects. But I was unable to make a donation via PayPal to one of the creators.


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            Hi Bob,
            Welcome to the club! That sports car you printed is the one that I put up on Thingiverse. Actually, to be more precise I took a model that someone else made, shrank it to about 1/32, did a couple other mods and posted it back to Thingiverse as a kit with the chassis. Don't know how well it will fit....I haven't built one. It was a learning experience for me in TinkerCAD.
            As Pete has mentioned, TinkerCAD is private unless you choose to share, but once published on Thingiverse it's out there in public.
            Nice print.....hope it works for you!
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            Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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              Have you got a pic of your printer, I'd be interested to see it.
              Kevan - Isle of Man
              Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                I have been printing my own designs for -- what? -- maybe 6 months? I have an Ender 3 Pro, which I have been very happy with.

                When you are ready to step up from PLA I strongly recommend trying PETG, That acronym stands for "Polyethylene Terephthalate -- Glycol Modified". PET is a genuine engineering thermoplastic, widely used for water and soda bottles. It is much tougher than PLA, can stand up to environments that will degrade PLA, but is inexpensive and easy to print. It prints at about 240C, so a low-end printer can handle it just fine.

                I have not been using print files downloaded from the internet. I have been designing my own parts in Vectorworks -- a 3D CAD program for which I own a license. Vectorworks is primarily an architectural design package, also widely used for designing structures and lighting for theatrical and concert stages. My point -- I guess -- is that you don't need a 3D CAD package specifically designed for printing plastic. Anything that can generate an STL file should work.

                Designing something as geometrically complex as a slotcar body will be a challenge in any CAD program. I'm keeping an eye out for a reasonably-priced but capable 3D scanning system. There are tons of decent die-cast car models available that could be scanned into a print files for slotcar bodies.

                It doesn't take long to become frustrated trying to find print files online to make things you specifically want. If you have any CAD experience it shouldn't take much to start designing your own stuff. That's when you really start to take advantage of your printing capabilities.

                Ed Bianchi
                Ed Bianchi
                York Pennsylvania USA


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                  ​​​I have a new item to run by everyone. It's a stackable car storage unit for those who have not saved their crystal cases but now have too many cars to just sit on shelves. I saw something similar being used to display model cars. I am also including a picture of my printer but you can find better images by just going to the Monoprice web store. ​​​ image widget


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                    I really messed up that post


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                      Welcome to the printer world, happy printing Bob!


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                        So here's what one looks like nearly a fortnight after I asked...

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	309931.jpg
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ID:	55843
                        Kevan - Isle of Man
                        Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                          Look 3 posts up Kevan


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                            I'm not so welcome around here anymore so I don't check in every day. I may even go 2 weeks or more between posts


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                              I see image place holders but no images Bob, it's an interesting concept alright.
                              Kevan - Isle of Man
                              Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜