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  • Carbon fibre

    My first go at carbon fibre PLA , I've had a problem with the nosile getting blocked I've read that if I turn off the retention will help , I have no idea what it does can someone enlighten me ?

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    Do you mean retraction?

    I've not tried any filament with infill and don't think I'll bother, I'm waiting for a roll of Nylon and just started looking at Polycab filament as it's even tougher than Nylon.

    However, I just scanned through this useful and related thread ->
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    • Rastas
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      Sorry retraction is what I meant, thanks for the Link it's quite interesting. I'm not having that much trouble compared to them so I guess I'm doing pritty good.

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    Nice looking work! I haven't tried CF filled. I would presume sanding it to be relatively damaging to your lungs.
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      My eldest son was the factory floor manager and design specialist at a huge carbon fiber plant in Georgia. He designed and oversaw the articulated wing on the new super hot Camaro for GM one week, and thousands of runner's wedges for pro runners' shoes the next. He's taught me all I know about the stuff, but nothing like all he knows. How are you baking the finished sheet for bonding? Do you freeze the substrate when assembling?

      He was recruited by an orthopedic implant outfit to design custom-fitted knees, shoulders, hips, all kinds of bits and pieces. If he is likely to be able to answer questions, I'll be glad to ask him.


      • Kevan
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        He won't need to bake anything, he's using carbon filled PLA, i.e. PLA with carbon fibres in it.

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      Carbon fiber can be very harmful to your lungs and eyes if sanded or ground on. I have a friend in the UK that used to work for British Aeronautical Engineering (BAE). He made rudders for jet aircraft and had to wear a full suit with respirator and air tank.
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        YES! Ken is right. I should have remembered to say that. You wouldn't believe the outfit my boy wore to work! And there was no sanding at all. Everything he made was a finished product- no finishing required. It was a big part of why he left that job.


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          Ah, so it isn't carbon fiber per se, it is carbon fiber reinforced PLA. Huge difference.


          • Kevan
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            Yes, I doubt very much you can 3D print CF itself but you can certainly 3D print carbon fibre infused plastic, PLA-carbon is one, Nylon-carbon is another and there's many more.

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          I wet sand PLA so there's no heat buildup, the carbon fibre PLA is the same principle I just keep everything wet and wash constantly!


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            Good man, keep that stuff wet,
            I worked with it on helicopters,
            its never your friend,
            That body looks wild!!