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    I have been doing some chassis printing and was wondering about support settings. Current design only requires support under the guide post but it seems like a nightmare to clean up after the print is complete. I was wondering what type of support you guys generate to make removal easier. I am using Cura 4.6.1. Any settings suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    The #1 thing I wanted to avoid was the horrible mess left behind when you print the guide holder into the chassis and there's a step requiring supports of some type. I decided at the outset the guide block had to be dead flat underneath so make mine a separate item to glue in place.
    If I use supports I prefer 'touching plate only' and as little as 1 or 2% density.
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      That is exactly how I was doing my guide block. Then thought it was an extra step so tried doing support instead as my block is 1mm higher than bottom of chassis. It was not pretty! I was using 10 to 15 percent, that may have been the problem. Thanks for the tip!


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        I tend to run light, but not that light.....I use 5-8% for bodies. Also check your z distance.
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