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    I'm back printing the 50s GP car's and this happened can someone tell me what I have done or haven't done ? It's only the body , the raft and supports print fine . I've looked back at the model in the slicing I can see the support through the body . I'm guessing I've changed something and not noticed !

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    Hi Rastas,
    The number of top layers can matter especially when considered vs layer height. However, I will say that different files print differently. Especially when they are designed to be light and thin, you can have issues that require tweaks. I have had one file print great and the next, with the same settings, have issues.
    Even changing filaments can do it.
    So....I would say try a horizontal offset of 0.4 or so and have 8 or more top layers and see what happens. There is a way to fix it in Meshmixer (and I am sure other programs as well) but that requires running the CAD program.
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