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    ​ My new printer came today and after getting it set up witch was relatively easy all I had to do was bolt the extruder in place and level the build plate I did the first test print it did a raft and a 40mm cube the white one and second test Duell extrusion blu ​ e and white the outside part came loss at 24 % but kept running to the end ,I forgot to wipe down the plate , worked out ok considering! I'm happy with my first go at printing . So far so good.!

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    Your images aren't loading
    Kevan - Isle of Man
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      Correct - no images

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200703_233220.jpg
Views:	234
Size:	2.40 MB
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Name:	IMG_20200703_233244.jpg
Views:	239
Size:	1.91 MB
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Name:	IMG_20200703_235924.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200704_000043.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200704_000022.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200704_000058.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_233220.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_233244.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_235612.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_235702.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_235612.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_233220.jpg
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Name:	IMG_20200703_233244.jpg
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Size:	1.91 MB
ID:	43890


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      Did that work.


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        Yes, thanks. Looks pretty good.

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      Thanks, not sure what happened but I can see them when I logged on .


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        Wow that looks nice. Do the heads move up and down independently during a print? My TAZ6 has the heads on the same plane and when moving along the X_axis, the trailing head to the one printing will pull up material just laid down so to say the least I was very disappointed. Have you tried ABS filament in it yet? I'm also curious about that for I run mine at an extrusion temp of 245c and I noticed the Flashforge would only go up to 240c but that may be due to the 1.75mm filament compared to the 3mm filament I use.
        Happy printing and I can't wait to see more prints from you.


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          No the heads are fixed I found that to,. but I re leveled it in the middle of the plate and the each corner and then did another test print seems to be ok now.i noticed that in the middle of the plate one nosile was lower than the other so I started leveling from there . And no I haven't tried any yet it only came with two rolls of pla I'll have to get some.


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            Congratulations Rastas,

            The prints are looking great, excellent quality.
            With the multi colored cube, is one material water soluble, or PLA of another color?
            Can't wait to see more



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              No, both are PLA the printer came with two rolls white and blue I'm going to order a roll of the water soluble stuff and a roll of ABS . I'm still trying to figure out how to use a computer but I'm getting their slowly I've downloaded and installed flashprint and cura4.6 and working out what does what on them but can seem to figure out how to get the G code to the printer the SD card is to big for my laptop ,or when I plug the USB cable in don't know what icon to press so they can talk to each other .
              at school I was the one in the corner with the pointy hat .LOL. there was know such thing as dislexia when I was going to school so it takes me awhile to get things worked out ,I'll get there eventually LOL. I'm having fun trying!


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                That looks like a great printer.

                Just looking at the specs:
                • Max. extruder temperature: 260°C
                • Max. heated bed temperature: 120°C
                • Filament materials: ABS, PETG, PLA, PVA
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                Kevan - Isle of Man
                Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                  It seems to be, I've only been able to make test prints so far . I'm not getting adhesion in a couple spots on the first run on the right side I've had a bit of play with leveling and its bit better but still lifted a little, I purged it and it's still lifting a touch.the test only heat's the bed to 50°c so I have to adjust that to 60°c and I reckon I'll have that sorted . I'm enjoying the challenge!


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                    To aid the adhesion, clean the base plate with 90% alcohol and then spray a light coat of hairspray on it. Or you could spend some big bucks and get yourself a tempered glass plate and apply the PEI material to the surface.


                    • Rastas
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                      0k i will keep that in m[nd . thanks.

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                    Rastas - first thing.....great printer! I predict you will LOVE the dual extruder.

                    Agree about the plates.... Not sure what the base plate is, but if they are plastic they warp over time. The tempered glass plate (or mirror tile cut free at a home improvement or hardware store) is a huge improvement. The hairspray only needs a light dusting after that, or you will seriously glue your part to your plate.
                    I bought the Creality plate and as long as I wipe it with alcohol before each print, it has excellent adhesion.
                    With the 3 point leveling system, use the paper and make sure the nozzle is contacting but not ripping the paper. The other trick is to make sure that your first layer is always 0.2 or 0.3mm thick, even if the layer height is set at 0.06 mm for example. This lays down a heavier first layer to get better bed adhesion. This is a setting in Cura, so just check it when you slice the file and everything will be OK.

                    Always remove the plate from the printer before removing the print from the plate...that helps to maintain your level, but you want to check it every 3-5 prints anyway until everything stabilizes (things will change a little as ball screws run in over the first 100 hours or so). My printer now runs most of a week between level checks and it's pretty solid.

                    As far as heated bed.....60 seems to work OK for PLA. I have run as low as 50 for some filaments, but not every filament gives good adhesion at 50 (and no, filament is NOT the same from the various different manufacturers). You will find that different colors might run differently as well, so be prepared to make adjustments.
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