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  • CanAm’s in 24

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2D13FF89-E1AB-42FE-ADC2-650F2A10D969.jpeg
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Name:	2541B9C8-6D99-4AF9-9956-48C2ACFF74D7.jpeg
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ID:	41735 Always the quest for cars. Found HRW by a search for casting, a thread of Waaays.

    3D comes along, chatted with Vlad, Chappy, and Steve, and of course Doc with early profiles getting off the ground here. Ender3, cut a pane of glass, occasionally check the bed with a dial indicator, Aqua Net, it’s a go. Cake.

    Lot of bought 32 and 24 cars here, you all know I can’t build a 32 car that flies, my big drag cars do, but the tree is my downfall, ask Dickie.

    Thanks to Vlad’s computer savvy I have something to detail,..some inspiration by manic builders,
    and growing up with CanAm,

    With his urging here are some pics of the sleds under construction.

    I silver soldered an 11 blade to an old thirty watt iron, no smell pla or styrene, easy control, no crazy melting, stationary iron, steer the car as you cut.

    The 707 and MKIII are close to primer, P68 needs windows, DN4 and Honker are in the body shop.
    once all are primered, the components, board, and decals await.


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    Paul, great work! Love to see them coming along!
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Hey, Thanks Paul.

      I was asked to share the mods from the MKII to the MKIII, #102 short valenced rear car.
      Both began as a MKII print.
      I’m not counting rivets, but I might add a few.
      still trying to place pics and text...ya how’s that goin... maybe I got it...
      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_11304.jpg Views:	3 Size:	215.8 KB ID:	42090Click image for larger version  Name:	image_11305.jpg Views:	3 Size:	560.4 KB ID:	42091Click image for larger version  Name:	image_11306.jpg Views:	3 Size:	507.8 KB ID:	42092Click image for larger version  Name:	image_11307.jpg Views:	3 Size:	466.9 KB ID:	42093
      Cut out and placed the center two wing verticals, really very close, to accommodate the graphics.

      Real good progress on the DN4 and Honker today.
      And Thanks again to Vlad for the filework!

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        Mate, you keep taking these printed bodies to another level.
        With your talent, you could have built them all from scratch, beautiful work.
        Inspirational stuff, it needs to be shared



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          Ah! too kind Sir, I just glue stuff together and cut away the non racecar bits. Thanks.
          I ought to scratch an M20 I guess, but am afraid the next adventure is 30’s GP, research to do, that’ll be fun.



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            So, still at it. Not on a tractor today.
            The Honker is close to primer sans headlight lenses. The MKII and MKIII are too. And the March.
            have to fit their chassis’s.

            The DN4, next one easily in far less time, really proper cockpit, and maybe pop a few..
            Click image for larger version

Name:	7B37D963-D9FA-4C73-8CC1-408CECADF95A.jpeg
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ID:	51885
            Having a cider and good the hot knife is unplugged or I’d be going after cockpit/ engine cowl blend. Otherwise she’s close for prime and paint, chassis is ready, 29x17 urethanes in back, JK rear foams stuffed up front..

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            • -nimrod-
              -nimrod- commented
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              Mate, if you set the original model and this new creating side by side, no way would they be related.
              Great modelling skill, always love your work


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            Excellent work Paul
            I am favouring 1/24 in my slot car building now. Big fan of the Can Am cars I have a couple of plastic McLaren kits to build into slot cars and a resin body.
            I haven't ventured into 3D Printing at this stage but your efforts are prompting me to think it might be time.

            " but am afraid the next adventure is 30’s GP, research to do, that’ll be fun."

            this is where I want to go first when I get into 3D printing - I have been making up 1/24 50s Grand Prix cars from the Merit plastic model kits. I have been saving the 30s and 50s GP car files Vlad has been sharing with the view to printing them one day.
            I did an ERA for a friend in 1/32 and plan to make a 1/24 one for myself one day as well that would be my first project I think.

            Have you seen the Fiat Mephistopheles the chap modelled in 3D ? - I can send a link if you want. Beautiful car.

            Dangermouse to the rescue.


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              Thank you David,
              the more I study hard hunted pictures it keeps the poor thing from getting primered. I’m going to print another and go to town on it.

              You and I are on the same page, you’d said if you could have your 32’s in 24 you’d go. Exactly.
              But I’d never give up my 32’s!

              I’ve scored 1/24 kits to run, 330, 935, 936, 512 and 17 longs..March, Mazda..Lemans and IMSA.. 70 -80’s F1. I will build them.
              Vlad is willing to unload his overstock on me.
              Without his cad skills I’d only have kits.
              (And Bruce to get it decaled.)
              Vlad and I agree a grid if only a handful of 30’s cars would be a treat to see.

              (Thanks, I haven’t seen that Fiat, would be glad to.)
              Oh my God I looked that up. A hundred years ago, on a public road, @146Mph. I still have goose bumps. On spokes!

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                Still after 'em, time has been scarce..

                Click image for larger version  Name:	81BAFC59-EF2F-45A7-B307-F8589F01E119.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.13 MB ID:	58047 simple frame for tooling around..
                Hawk...BRM sprung guide flag,

                Click image for larger version  Name:	BC9816E1-2D35-47E8-A566-6C0906D83B4F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1,001.4 KB ID:	58048 dress out the brass work,
                then the upper structure..
                And more of the 707..

                Click image for larger version  Name:	D6CE0C31-6283-4CA5-ABA3-C9D986C21828.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.16 MB ID:	58049 Both smooth as glass...
                nice thing BRM cockpits fit right under
                esp. the 350 Ferrari...

                more to do,

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                  That March is spectacular. One of the first bodies we printed and I still haven't finished mine.
                  Come Race at The Trace!
                  Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                    I know, right? Nimrod did a really nice job on the March file, super light too. Sanded it, filler, primed, sanded, shot. Got some BBS's for it, and Patto's stuff to finish it. Looking forward to it for sure,
                    (I printed it a year and a half ago)
                    Great file Vlad, Thanks again!


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                      Ahh, it's you boys who produce works of art out of the hacked up models I been throwing out, and that makes it all worth while.
                      As they say sow ear to silk purse, Your great skills are producing unique models that many will be drooling over
                      Can't wait to see more


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                        Hey, had a few things in the way...
                        The March is close, sans driver, mirrors, gearbox, and rear wing center strut..
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	87443F13-F644-4A26-A937-2FE5ED30A3EA.jpeg
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Size:	1.64 MB
ID:	83527
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	FE517236-A1ED-4748-8E3B-064CD06BE51E.jpeg
Views:	337
Size:	973.4 KB
ID:	83528 The three Shadows and HonkerII are almost to the same point..
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                          Well golly......

                          Nice work going on here Paul
                          Dickie Pearson
                          Canterbury, NH

                          HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
                          MSR - Main Street Racing


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                            Well done, that looks great.

                            Those BRM Porsche 962 rims/tires really cap off the build.



                            • 32lbking
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                              I was just going to ask what kind of wheels those were. They are beautiful.