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    Finally got my printer back up and running, had to order some nozzles and bowden tubing.
    I went a little crazy printing these but I was testing color combos with the print of the hut. I finally figured I had to use a different slicer software, Cura was doing something weird with the walls.
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    What other slicer did you use?
    And which version of Cura gave you fits? I stopped at 4.0.0 since the later versions were getting weird, as in 36 hr prints that used to be 15 hrs.
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    Nice marshal stands, btw.....I use them without the tower.
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      I am still on Cura 3.6, I read that a lot of people were reporting issues with 4.0 so I never upgraded. I used Prusa for the hut and it printed in half the time and correctly. I still use Cura for almost everything else, it just didn't like that one file.
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      Western burbs of Chicago