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    I finally found my login info!!! again....

    I have been experimenting with layer pausing recently.... You may have it in your print software - so here is info to get your wheels turning....

    Basically you pause the print at the top of where the metal would sit....... Then carefully pick out the supports..... Put some glue on the top of the metal and pop it in to replace the supports - then continue the print...

    I used a service at a site called Pokono to laser cut some stainless and they can add text etc.... You just upload an illustrator file and they give you an instant quote... Its a bit pricey to do 1 piece - but if you order a few, the price comes down to something reasonable..

    This was the first stab at it...
    Click image for larger version

Name:	83930261_1431582310343359_2508548491874140160_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_oc=AQkPyfHA9sJn69SXNn_Sxv0PlsJJst1m9cHYd4RFuftfMvIdm9EFPBFxri1YWfH6sZ4&_nc_ht=scontent.fbed1-1.fna&_nc_tp=6&oh=6244524fc60308f2c3b59dc00e8bef26&oe=5ECC12AF.jpg
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    I think this is probably the way I'm going with certain releases where weight and rigidity becomes an issue. This particular car has a high CG and is prone to doing the biggest barrel rolls the hobby has ever seen! (kind of cool to see - but not a trait I'd like to pass on to customers...)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	55649751_1174108619424064_7974834140648308736_o.jpg?_nc_cat=108&_nc_oc=AQl7z0tGeK9Rz9aMg9y04Y9_LvkB13TBTOeITrELJETqWep8iPHoLhPLi7QdhhYVPCU&_nc_ht=scontent.fbed1-1.fna&_nc_tp=6&oh=17a5b3e5a5cf477542ec87328cdfa3f6&oe=5E907B25.jpg
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    I have also done an entire chassis out of laser cut metal for another car - and I bolt 3D bits to it...... No pictures of that one just yet as it's a top secret project.... (unless you follow my instagram.... Or I should say - my Instagram managed by my teenage kids....)

    Anyway - Think about layer pause for a project. You can always dremel some brass plate and stick that in too!

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    Thank you for sharing this. Do you use anything special to ensure the print stays adhered (registered) to the printer bed while removing the temporary supports and gluing the metal piece into place??
    Steve - Connecticut, U.S.A. - Shoreline Model Raceways Club


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      Hey Steve. I use Elmers purple glue sticks. Its the only glue stick I won't eat! I glue the bed and I'll also glue the top of the metal before I start the print up again.

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    The front suspension on your chassis is awesome!



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      Very cool tech!



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        Great post! I have considered embedding a brass plate in a chassis just to see how it would work. Now I am going to try it for sure.
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          You could do this with tungsten to get the weight at the lowest point! Very cool tech.
          Courtney Smith
          Chattanooga TN