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    I decided to try modeling up a 68 Doorstop complete with 4 wheel drive. for power I used a Tuna motor that coupled the front and rear wheels. I decided that since it wasn't pulling a plow I would skip the faster ratio on the front wheels and made it the same as the rear. As far as performance it takes a light touch for when in a turn and the power is applied to quick and it rolls over. But other than that it runs pretty good. Hopefully the decals will be here before Christmas. Click image for larger version

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    Ok that's pretty cool. You have some serious chassis modeling skills.....your designs are elaborate compared to my junk. Looks like it rides a bit high....that might be your issue right there.
    Where did you get the body file? I have a resin version of the first turbine on an old Scalex F1 car chassis.
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      I did the body in inventor based off of a couple of pictures and specs. The most difficult part was getting it to be 1 inch tall since the spec I found for it was at 32 inches. I'm thinking that if I put some weight in the lower chassis it might help. What surprised me was that it weighed in at 74.5 grams, which I consider light when compared to the wall thickness being close to 0.085 inches. I wanted it to be sturdy and hold up with the grandkids so I added some extra bulk to the body. I may be able to take some out of the top side thickness and get the body down lower by about 0.025 inches. But it trakcs pretty good when compared to my other cars for on my track it is turning laps consistently in the low 8 second range when I treat the throttle right. It sure does brake though when compared to the two wheel drive cars.


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        Yes....we are finding that the printed bodies are quite light....with good set-up they will run with Slot.It McLaren's (all the running gear is basically the same). So body weight shouldn't be an issue. Wheel/tire size could help too.

        But doing it in Inventor.....nice skills!
        Come Race at The Trace!
        Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN