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  • GT3 fleet

    Here are some pictures of my GT3 cars I have been building. They all run the same chassis, motor and gearing, making a competitive set.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	FA9DBCEB-1857-4693-A05D-193093C29D60.jpeg
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Name:	77BA1353-B8BF-4D28-B622-503E84443489.jpeg
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Name:	554F2035-0084-4331-B745-3D279BFD2E75.jpeg
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    I still want to build a C7 and a Mercedes to round out this field of cars.. The Shell Acura has not had the glass installed yet.


    G.P Alberta

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    Nice cars you should be proud
    Peterborough Ont


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      Agreed.....nice fleet. It's fun to build the cars you want, and to have a large field that is all competitive. Well done.
      Come Race at The Trace!
      Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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        A very nice grid of cars Mate, love that you have built them all
        You must be spending a fortune in axles, motors, wires and decals



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          Isn't your track digital?


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            My track is wired to run both, 90% of the time it is set to analog. I only have six digital cars


            Axles are made from 3/32 rod.
            Flanged bearings are bought in bulk for $0.50 each.
            silicone wire was bought in a 30 foot roll
            Motors are bulk ebay purchases. Found some real nice 22 K that compare to other 21 K motors with decent breaking, Cost 1.50, but probably spent a $100 on motors that were next to useless while trying to find decent ones. I only use brand name motors in Proxies.
            Braid is bought from an electrical supply shop. I buy it in 30 ft rolls
            Decals are my own artwork and printed out on decal paper with my laser jet
            I just recently cast about 300 urethane tires.
            I have my own vacuum former
            of course I have a resin and an FDM printer for printing all the parts.

            The only thing that is a real expense are the wire wheels for the older classics. Those are expensive and I purchase them

            All in, each GT3 cars cost less then $8.00

            However unfactored into this cost is the supply of IPA, rubber gloves, paper towel, and a good quality mask. This stuff does add up. I go through a pile of gloves.

            oh an my TIME . The most costly component, as there is no recovery on that.

            Your gracious gift of files really helps grow this, and of course Thiniverse, and other sites that provide files at a low cost. Yours are great in the fact they are print ready for a slot car. Some of the other ones I have purchased have taken quite a bit of effort to get them printable, and have wasted resin until I have finally modifed the file to produce a slot car shell. Most of these GT3 files were actually pretty good though and had no real problems with them

            i m just putting the finishing touches on the Ferrari 500 file you supplied. First print produced an awesome slot car shell. Just finished printing an interior and have to do up some decals for it, and then I will post pictures of it.


            G.P Alberta


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              beautiful cars, and congratulations for the track too