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  • Quick Slicks fitment question

    Today I put some Quick Slicks TS 43F tires on a Thunderslot Lola T70 Mk3 and noticed after run in that the center 2mm or so is still shiny showing no sign of wear. Is this common? Is there an easy fix or do I need to true them? A laborious job as I don’t have a truer. One of the reasons I like Quick Slicks is that on CB or wheels they don’t need truing. Didn’t have this issue with the Thunderslot Elva 3-rib wheels using the TS 03F’s. Is this why Thunderslot switched to 3-rib wheels?
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    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    Hi Mickey, The QS tires may well show signs of being "cupped" when used with the 2 rib TSlot (or any manufacturers 2 rib "air" wheels). Without a tire truer it will be a bugger of a job to true silicones (not all that easy with one).

    You can either go to a solid center section wheel, or, fill the section between the ribs with some sponge rubber. This not only eliminates the "cupping" but adds compression to the tire enhancing grip.

    Many folks have been doing this for a few years, and Thunderslot and MRSlotcar have finally produced some foam rings for this purpose.......prior to this racers were using sponge donuts from 1/32 or 1/24 cars.

    Here is a pic of the process......a tire truer is still a good thing to have !!

    On top is a bare wheel, and a 1/24 sponge tire...........Tslot, and MRSlotcar now make sponge donuts sized to fit without cutting.

    The sponge is cut into strips and glued to the wheel with flexible rubber cement (not CA !!) obviously do not need to cut the new pre made donuts.

    The sponge is trued to size...........just a snick proud of the ribs. You will need to do this step with the Tslot/MRSlotcar ones

    Click image for larger version

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    Chris Walker


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      The Quick Slicks TS43 was designed specifically for the older 2-rib Thunderslot rear wheels. It is NOT an air-gap tire and the contact patch should be very flat across the entire tire width. The TS43 is sometimes confused with the CB43 which will also fit the 2-rib Thunderslot wheel; however, it will behave like an air-gap tire. The CB43's contact patch on the 2-rib Thunderslot rear wheel will have a tendency to "cup" as Chris points out in his post. If you are using the CB43, Chris offers some excellent advice to remove the cupping using sponge rings that are readily available.

      If you are not sure if you have a TS43 or a CB43, simply turn the tire inside out. If the tire has 2 separate narrow slits about 5mm apart, you have a TS43. If the tire has a single "pocket" (recess) about 5mm wide, you have a CB43. If you are still unsure, please post a picture of the tire turned inside out.


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        Thanks. It is definitely the TS. Will post pics tomorrow when the light is better. Might just be a bad pair. Quick Slicks are on all my cars because they are the absolute best on my home wood track.
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        Mike V.
        Western North Carolina


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          This is a picture of the cupping. The shiny center strip is more noticeable in person.
          Click image for larger version

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          I was surprised because I have used the TS 43 on another 2 spline wheel without seeing this.
          Mike V.
          Western North Carolina


          • Quick Slicks
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            Please PM us your mailing address and we'll gladly drop another pair in the mail to you.

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          Well...there is a tolerance difference from our friends in China ( I know...hard to believe) so the wheels might be off a few thousandths?? Maybe not the tire's fault?


          • Mickey thumbs
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            Harry, I agree the wheels may be the culprits. I’ll try another pair of tires (Thanks Quick Slicks). If still an issue I may try a few wraps of 2-3mm masking tape to the wheels sealed with clear nail polish or just switch to CG wheels.
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          I think the Thunderslot wheels, bushings and axles are sized like NSR. They are slightly smaller in size. CB wheels are sized to use axles. You may get a wobble with CB wheels on a Thunderslot axle.

          Jim W


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            As Harry suggested the inner section wheel diameter is slightly smaller than the outer sections. I found time to put my calipers on them. My plastic Wera calipers have a little too much internal flex to provide a number, but using them like a feeler gauge showed a clear difference. Two wraps of 3mm masking tape sealed with a coat of Hard as Nails polish did the trick.

            Picture after run in:
            Click image for larger version

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            FYI, guys, the team at Quick Slicks has been fantastic behind the scenes as I have sorted through this. Can’t say enough about their excellent product and support.

            Mike V.
            Western North Carolina