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  • Tire recommendation?

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and fairly new to 1/32 scale slot cars (I've had HO slots off and on since I was a kid in the 70s).

    I am looking for recommendations for aftermarket tires. I am going to use stock tires when I can, but some of the cars I have are used and/or older, so they will need new tires.

    For reference, I have a Policar track, and I am doing non-magnet racing. Nothing competitive mind you, just for my own enjoyment at home.

    I was thinking Quick Slicks would probably be best for my application, but want to hear from the 1/32 vets out there. If I do go with Quick Slicks, should I go with the firm or extra firm compound?

    Thank you all for your time and suggestions, I greatly appreciate it!

    Dave - aka Firebird Dave 😁

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    I use Paul Gauge tires for replacement they work great. You will probably find that the firm compound is best for your application although I have no experience with Policar track but they say there is better grip than my scalextric sport track !
    Peterborough Ont


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      There is a whole slew of aftermarket tire manufactures out there. You’re going to get a million and one recommendations on here. Best advice, get a few sets of them all and see what works for you.
      Paul Gage- Urethane, PGT-Hard, XPGT-Soft
      Quick Slicks- Silicone, Firm, X-Firm
      Supertires- Silicone
      Supertires Yellow Dogs- Urethane
      NSR- Rubber, Supergrip-Firm, UltraGrip-Soft, Extreme-Very Soft
      Maxtrax- Silicone

      That’s just to name a few.
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        Originally posted by Firebird Dave View Post
        If I do go with Quick Slicks, should I go with the firm or extra firm compound?
        It's been my experience that Firm will hook up quicker but X Firm will be faster in the long run.

        Butch Dunaway
        Oxford, Ohio


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          If your keeping some cars with stock rubber then you want to use urethane or rubber replacement tires. Silicone doesn’t play well with stock or replacement rubber and urethane.



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            Does the Policar track have a rough texture to it? As in not smooth like Scalextric Sport or Carrera?
            If so, then I wouldn't recommend silicone. I'd recommend Paul Gage PGT's.
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              Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the input.
              Dave - aka Firebird Dave 😁


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                I am also fairly new to the hobby. I put some Paul Gage tires in 3 of my cars. They are well made, fit nicely and with minimal sanding to true up the contact surface they run smooth and possibly faster than the stock, mine were dried out so I really can’t say. I recommend them for home use fun. He makes a pretty good variety of sizes too.


                • Firebird Dave
                  Firebird Dave commented
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                  Thank you Michael, I appreciate the info! I think I will get a few sets and try them out.

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                One thing about silicon is unlike almost every other compound silicone doesn't dry up or become hard over time. Some types of tires will actually become gummy and basically fall apart.
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                  Hi Dave, While you are certainly getting lots of general recommendations, I am not sure that all apply to your Policar track.

                  While we have not had lots of "public" running, due to covid, there have been tons of test laps run, as we test tires for when we can return to normal.

                  For the ultimate grip, treated rubber tires work the best,...that said if you are frequently using the stock plastic wheels, you will have some issues in finding the appropriate size. Additionally, you will certainly need to "true" the tires. and this process may be more than you are looking for, as you will need a tire lathe.

                  As Policar track is quite abrasive I would steer clear of Silicone tires.......they do not appreciate the coarse nature of Policar track from either a grip , or wear perspective.

                  Which leaves us with urethane, Silicone, these can be found for virtually every stock and aftermarket wheel, are very easy to true (if you wish), and provide good grip/wear on Policar track. While not offering the ultimate grip of a trued/treated rubber tire ,their performance/grip is very good, (miles ahead of most stock tires) and they are much easier to use than either Silicone or rubber.

                  From what you are describing, urethane sounds like the answer.

                  Chris Walker

                  This is a crummy pic. but this is the 6 lane 135ft. Policar track we have been pounding around on for the last 6 mos.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4620.jpg Views:	39 Size:	168.2 KB ID:	89796
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                    Very nice layout you have