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How does trued stock NSR rubber fair

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  • How does trued stock NSR rubber fair

    I have 2 NSR Ford MK IV cars. I finished tuning the #16 for racing on wood with trued PGTs, trued the stock NSR front tires and am very happy with performance. I want to try some different tires for the #7 to compare. So options could be Quick Slicks or trued stock rubber. The question for now is how does the trued stock NSR rubber on these cars compare with say PGT's, silicone etc?
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    From best lap times expected to worst it would be foams (with goop), silicones, treated rubber (e.g. oiled NSR's), urethanes.

    NSR Supergrips don't give as much traction as Ultragrips or Extremes but they don't ball up and work well when lightly oiled and left for a few hours.
    NSR Ultragrips can give nearly as much traction as Extremes when oiled as above but will slighly ball up during racing.
    NSR Extremes are good for qually laps and ball up big time if oiled.

    PG urethanes have constant and consistent grip and dead easy to true but not as quick as NSR Ultras.

    ...results may vary
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      This guy reckons 'just do it', - Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video by LaBeouf, Rรถnkkรถ & Turner) - YouTube - I reckon you've got nothing to loose. My NSR 917 runs stock tyres and I've won races with it.
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        My experience with NSR is that Supergrips are easy to true up, give decent grip on plastic. Ultragrips are finicky when truing, tendency to "ball" up and fling debris at you during truing. You have to go slow RPMs, higher grit# and a light pressure, sometimes I even have to wet the paper with soapy water. Extremes are the tires that I did "one & done" (actually twice) in truing, they melted irregardless of the RPM, grit, pressure and wet/dry. Didn't even "ball" up, just melted and smeared all the way around. Did it twice to get rid of the four they sent me. I ended up using a bunch of lighter fluid to clean them up and the grip was no better than the Ultras.


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          That's good info, much appreciated.


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            You may want to stay with rubber and urethane if that is what you have been using, they don't mix well with silicone on the same track. I run Paul Gage PGT on most cars, shore 30, shore 40 and occasionally XPG (20). I do run NSR super grip rubber on some of my cars and they run well with the cars on PG tires. I have only had good results with stock NSR rubber on the F1 cars. You can't beat the ease of truing urethane.
            I would try the XPG and/or NSR Super Grip.
            Some tracks don't allow any oiling or additives of any kind to the tires so you may want to verify before you go that route. If it is for personal track use only then you won't have to worry about it.
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              Great point. I spoke to the owner earlier and he prefers urethanes so, I'll stick with PG tires or other grippy urethanes.


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                On my track surface, (smooth Laytex over MDF) the Trued Supergrips will out grip the urethanes. When my track had more texture the urethanes were the only way to go. I have tried the other NSR compounds but prefer the Supergrips.