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    Is there a place one can look to see what the shore rating for the Thunderslot TYC002R and TYR004R tires?
    What are each comparable to with NSR or offerings?

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    In my experience the 004 is pretty close to the NSR Supergrip in terms of compound and grip.



    • Brumos RSR
      Brumos RSR commented
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      The 05 is the softest tire I’ve ever attempted to use. It’s too soft for proxy racing and will literally form balls of rubber when you rub the tire in between laps with your thumb.

    • gsnopoint
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      Yikes... back ago, I tried the NSR extreme tires, sounds like the 005 is similar. Had issues with them.

    • Mitch58
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      I had a hard time even trying to true the Extreme tires, I got the best overall results with either the Supergrips or the smooth Thunderslot tires. It's okay to get the car so that you can drive it perfectly lap after lap, but don't forget, YOU won't be racing it.

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    The 02’s are treaded, the 04’s are slicks. 04’s are some of the best tires on the market as far as rubber tires go.
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    • gsnopoint
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      Thanks, to the truer I go to rid my tires of some tread, lol

    • War Eagle River
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      Go slow, use a little water to cool them as your truing.

    • gsnopoint
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      Thanks, will make sure of it.

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    Any info about the 06 tires?
    They're grey in color, makes me wonder if they are even rubber..
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