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  • Which tire truer?

    Hello, I am looking into finally getting a tire truer but am not sure which one to get? I am not a serious racer but really enjoy making my non magnet cars go better and better on my home track. Thanks for any info and help and if this has been covered before if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction. Thanks again!

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    What sort of tires do you expect to use? Will you need to true tires on a stock rear axle assembly with plastic wheels? There may be a few answers here:


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      Thanks for sharing that, I found it helpful in general.

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    Thanks for the info. I really need to true the front tires on a lot of cars and some rear plastic wheels. After reading that I think my best choice would be the tire razor as it will do plastic wheels. The others look like you need aluminum wheels w set screws exclusively. I have a lot of both kinds plastic and aluminum...
    thanks again for the article


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      Jon's your man. Tire Razor.


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        Tire razor. Look no further


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          Hudy with a RTR drum-for-life for most tyres, tire razor for plastic wheels on knurled axles.
          Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...


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            If you're good with your hands and with tools, machinery etc, you might enjoy having a crack at building something similar to the Tire Razor yourself. I built a 'steam punk' version out of MDF which works a treat.


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              Wobble I would love to see some details.

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            There's even 3D printable ones.
            Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...


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              Originally posted by Kevan View Post
              Hudy with a RTR drum-for-life for most tyres, tire razor for plastic wheels on knurled axles.
              That's exactly what I use. Hudy for tires on metal wheels, Tire Razor for tires on plastic.
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                One of our HRW members came up with a great one, but kinda big... He got an oscillating drum sander from Harbor Fright and held a running car in position. It worked perfectly, but it took up almost his entire workbench. I have one, tried it, and it works easily. I'm keeping my Tire Razor.


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                  I don’t have a tire truer YET but yes my belt sander has done a tire or two


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                    Lol, I think I will pass on the big drum sander
                    what are people’s thought on the scaleauto EVO2 tire truer? It looks pretty nice as well...


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                      I am working on a home-brew tire-truing machine for 1/32nd cars, but I'm making something different from what exists to date.

                      I am designing a system that will mount the whole axle assembly -- front or rear -- as a piece. The axle will mount on a micrometer stage, set up so the axle can be lowered a thousandth of an inch or so at a time. That stage will also mount a gearmotor -- output at about 2 RPM. A miniature timing belt will transfer power to the axle. I have a timing pulley that I can mount on any axle without disassembling anything -- wheels, gears, bushings, nothing.

                      The axle bushings will be held in two clamps, mounted on the micrometer stage. The tires will be lowered into a shallow trough that will have wet/dry sandpaper in the bottom. I'll fill that tank with a dishsoap/water solution.

                      The whole point is to wet-sand the tires at low speed. You can wet-sand tires that are too gummy to dry-sand well. Low speed is required to keep the solution from being slung out of the trough, and also keeps the tires cool.

                      By mounting the entire axle assembly as a piece I'll not have to worry about the run-out of individual components, or how they are assembled. No axle is ever absolutely straight, no wheel is exactly bored on center or precisely round, and no axle assembly ever goes back together exactly the same. By truing the entire axle as an assembly all those eccentricities are handled in one operation. The OD of the tires will run true, and that is all that matters.

                      At the moment I have most of the purchased parts -- gearmotor, micrometer stage, and timing pulleys. I need to fabricate some plates, the trough and the axle clamps. By the time I'm done my investment should be something less than US$100.

                      I'll report back with photos when I've got an assembly to show.

                      Ed Bianchi
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                        The Tire RAZOR is all you need for 1/32 and even some 1/24. Great quality, fair price.

                        Jon is a member here and you can deal with him direct. His customer service over the years is second to NONE.

                        It's the machine I have here and had since the first year he made them. Still works as it should.

                        Nuff said.


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                          Precisely! Bought my Tire Razor from Jon, great product and great service, this machine does plastic wheels and all tires! I've used and seen friends bought some of the other popular brands and every one of them had bent or inaccurately machined bits right out of the box....I'll pass on those.

                          Tire Razor is all you need.

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                        I like the Razor
                        Tire Razor was built for the home racer but I have added a few extra goodies for the more advanced racer
                        The pro axle is a complete axle with bushings and pulley to do those aftermarket set screw type wheels, comes in 3/32, 1/8 and the new 3 mm
                        please contact SCC for purchase


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                          Alright! That sounds perfect! So it can do plastic wheels as well as set screw aluminum ones. That’s exactly what I need!
                          I will contact SCC and see if I can get the regular Tire Razor as well as the pro axle attachment as I only see the Tire Razor Pro on their website...
                          Thanks so much for the info and looking forward to hopefully finally getting one of those beautiful machines!
                          Thanks! 👍🏻

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                          Yes, Tire Razor does tires and plastic wheels.