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    Good info folks!


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    I was just using this a couple hours ago! Thanks for the video, but I'm still having trouble finding tires for an MRRC #66 Chaparral 2F. Stock tire is OD 20mm x 8MM - the rib on the hub is 3.25mmm

    and what if I have a car who's manufacturer I don't know? Let's say I only have the wheel dimensions: OD 17.4mm x 8.3mm (21mmx10mm tire) don't know the rib size?


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      For the MRRC Chaparral if you can provide the center rib diameter and the diameter of the "shoulders" to either side of the center rib, we will check to see if we might have a Quick Slicks that would fit.

      For the other wheel, we would need to know the center rib width, center rib diameter and shoulder diameter to check for Quick Slicks that might fit.
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