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Paul Gage Tires: XPG vs PGT?

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  • Paul Gage Tires: XPG vs PGT?

    Thoughts on tire compound preference? We are ready to order tires for new Carrera 124 cars. We run front mag only but will experiment with magless after we get new tires installed. Currently running Carrera plastic track, unpainted. We are considering painting the track later this winter...depends on our spare time.

    Any preference between the harder or softer tires for our track and cars?

    thank you,


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    We use PG tires on all of our Carrera 124 cars. A quick look at his page shows that he only provides one compound for the cars so you can't go wrong. We too run only the front mag and the performance is great on plastic and wood.


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      Paul offers XPG and PG tyres for 1/24 Carrera cars. I would recommend the PG tyres. Not sure if it was a bad batch but we used the XPG for a while and on half a dozen of my cars at least one if not both of the tyres have turned a transparent reddish colour and dissolved. The standard PG tyres have held up well for years. I give them a light sand with 1200 grit wet and dry to tidy them up before a race.

      Dangermouse to the rescue.


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        Thank you. Appreciated.



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          PGT all the way. Plenty of grip.
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          I have a good number of new tires that, when stretched, appear to be translucent red.
          These were purchased in the last few months. I hadn’t noticed before. They were not 1/24 tires.
          I do have PG tires on my Carrera, BRM, and lone Scale Auto 1/24 cars. The BRM tires are marked XPG; the Carrera tires are only marked with the car model, sales as the Scale Auto tires.
          I’m going to try some from slotcarstyres as PG doesn’t make ones to fit an Auto Art Citroen.