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  • Carrera Bentley experiment

    After discussing how pop chassis work to add a bit of suspension the the rear axel I decided to try an experiment on my Carrera Bentley GTU car. It’s chassis and body form an extreme ridged car. I decided if I cut it in a few spots I might be able to get the rear end flexing a bit. So far the idea works, now to tinker a bit more and maybe get some new tires. It’s a bit more responsive without the magnets but this car still feels like a slug. While apart I also got rid of the switch and extra electrical bits. I hope you can see my cuts, the motor mount pivots on the rear screw post and the thin section of plastic that’s under the magnet holder, it acts like a torsion spring sort of.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	D6A0EC2D-4B5C-4568-A190-5911541B43E6.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	137.7 KB ID:	89664
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DBF513E6-5D69-4904-8A81-248B4EA57DF6.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	153.6 KB ID:	89665
    Click image for larger version  Name:	7D720395-ECF7-41A4-B8F9-154629AD79E1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	147.7 KB ID:	89666
    Click image for larger version  Name:	91D2DADB-B4B7-4977-9C95-D72C55670E65.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	142.3 KB ID:	89667
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    Originally posted by Michael Squier View Post
    this car still feels like a slug.
    You may want to seriously consider dropping a couple of teeth on the pinion........the E200 motors need all the help they can get., and the stock gearing on these cars makes matters worse. The pinion change will improve the response/performance of the car to the point that some better tires will be an absolute must!!

    Chris Walker
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      That makes sense, haven’t been doing this long enough to think about gears. Thanks for the suggestion.