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Fly Winglet Replacement Idea

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  • Fly Winglet Replacement Idea

    I needed to do a repaint on an old Flunder body that I forgot was in sad shape The two rear winglet things had been superglued back on. As this car was going to a proxy I was pretty sure the wings would not survive the racing, much less USPS. I saw a post, maybe on here, where someone had used rubber to repair some spoilers so I found some thin rubber for the idea, then stumbled across and even better choice while in a Hobby Lobby. I simply cut the rubber around the shape of the broken winglet and along where the old mounting post should have been. I had to enlarge the holes in the body slightly but all in all it was pretty simple. I primed and painted the rubber, added decals, and installed. Time will tell how well this works but the proxy should do the trick. Fingers crossed.

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    Well done !!,...........for any "questionable" body parts, CA is far from the best option, as it has very little shear strength.........a much better option is a bit of E6000/ShoeGoo/Lepages100 etc., something that has a bit of flex !!. These adhesives all dry nice and clear, and will not attack your paint..another big bonus

    Chris Walker


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      That is a slick idea! Thanks for sharing!


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        Great idea and looks like it worked out well!