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  • Lights on Slotcars

    Hello Slotcar friends. This is in response to Harry's video about installing lights on the RevoSlot Ferrari 333 SP. The video is very well done and informative. I remember Fly slotcars came with two versions. One with lights (which was about $10 more expensive) and one without lights. Carrera has lights on their digital cars. Why do manufacturers like RevoSlot dont give the buyer that option? Is it because of pricing ? I personally prefer lights on my slotcars.

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    I think lights are crucial, especially on LMP/Sports cars. I think the lights just add cost & complexity to the cars & they may want to avoid that.


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      It requires more fit and finish on the cars, (more labor hours). have to have attachment points for the lights either drill holes in the body or mount them to the chassis. have to have a clear hole for the light to shine thru and mount the light board.
      and it cost more for the light kits them selves.
      the more racing companies slot it, revoslot, nsr and others, not many people want the lights because of the weight and extra work involved to install.
      Only few races require light on cars (24hour or 12 hour races)
      I like the lights tooo, but it comes down to price and function.

      Lance Sofa racer