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Tuning some pork. Suggestions on the NSR Porsche 997/911?

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  • Tuning some pork. Suggestions on the NSR Porsche 997/911?

    Ok track masters...this car platform has been around for quite awhile.

    What do YOU DO for your home/club series to get the most out of this baby?

    Click image for larger version

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    Sorry. my bad. I thought this was going to be about cooking pork steaks.


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      First off, nice car, who doesn’t like pork!? And hopefully they do the Rothmans knock off to go with it. We pull the motors and replace with NSR Baby Kings(17k). Works fine for our bitty track. A few other things we do; .005 SCC spacers on all four corners. Replace 13t pinion with a 12t, helps the 17k motors spool up. We also install deeper wood guides, racers choice. Then it’s weight and tune to your ability. That’s about it.
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        Ahhh...well, first I can DO pork steak videos

        TY for that tip on the pinion sir. Will try that!


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          Check out F1fan's car in the GT3 Slot Car Proxy 2021 Tech Sheet Its a scaleauto but may be useful

          That thing is fast and handles great, you can even watch it on the track
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            While it is fast, and handles great,.....he qualified 7th,......3 other Scaleautos' ahead of him (they qualified 2nd, 3rd. and 4th).............couldn't resist (big smile !!)

            And yes, the qualifying video and tech sheet is in the GT3 proxy section here.

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          Well,...depends on how far you want to go.....

          Assuming you want to keep it fairly simple, along with the regular stuff (gluing/truing tires, setting front ride height, aligning gluing bushings etc.) would be good to freeze the drop arm, .........for a bunch of good reasons drop arms went out of fashion in 1968 (ish) , and are not the hot tip for going fast.
          You could get a Sloting Plus axle tube (bushings already installed for you)........this little gizmo eliminates any independent flexing of the rear uprights, which causes.......binding of the rear axle, mesh issues, and chatter,.....none of which are good !!

          (These are a godsend, and basically mimic the axle tubes used on the rear of most all of the quicker side/anglewinder scratchbuilt chassis over the last 50 years.)

          You could also use urethane/silicone washers between the bottom of the pod lugs and the chassis plate, (or better yet, use the washers below and above the pod lugs) ......this reduces vibrations, and more importantly provides a more controlled/progressive torsional flexing of the pod, which allows the outside rear tire to load progressively in a corner, improving grip/handling .
          (You may need to trim a bit off of the bottom of the pod lug (equal to the washer thickness) to maintain the ride height of the pod in the chassis plate.)

          I also use these in between the body posts and the chassis body mount lugs.........seen on the pic. below, glued to the top of the body mount posts on the chassis.
          You will need to trim the body posts by the thickness of the washers used to maintain the body ride height.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	image_17186.jpg Views:	84 Size:	251.0 KB ID:	65432

          If you really wanted to go to town, you could drill the pod to accept motor screws, and install an FC-130. "S" can.........."S" cans weigh 8/10 gms. less than a FK180, which reduces the polar moment of inertia, which on a wood track greatly improves handling.

          Below is an "S" can mounted in an Scaleauto anglewinder FK-180 pod............with holes drilled for can screws (absolutely zero need for any motor adapters).

          Where the longer/stronger magnets in the FK-180 offer some additional downforce benefits on plastic tracks, their weight is a sizeable disadvantage (handling) on wood tracks.

          This car did quite well in the GT3 proxy qualifying (actual races not run yet).............for those interested, the qualifying video is here on HRW, in the GT3 2021 proxy section.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCN4421.jpg Views:	39 Size:	249.2 KB ID:	65433
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            Not really any axle clearance issues with an anglewinder !!.................the wrapper was removed to allow the tiny bit of E6000 used to adhere to the can, not the wrapper.
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            Hey Chris, did you have to cut away part of the slotting plus axle bushing combi to fit it with a sidewinder. it looks like you had to remove some of it to fit up against the s-can motor.

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            Yes,.....I did have to trim the axle tube !!

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          I would do exactly what Sir ChrisGuyW says and get that car ready for the 997 Proxy!! My 997 is rather primitive when compared to the high tech detailed art pieces produced by Sir CGW. The drop arm is glued on the flat chassis then screwed in place. The 997 does VERY well with a motor under 22k
          . Click image for larger version

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            Well...if anyone was looking for slightly hidden solid gold....this is it

            Have a list now...checking it twice...

            Thank you guys. Much appreciated.