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NSR King EVO in a AW pod

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  • NSR King EVO in a AW pod

    I bought a collection of Carrera body shells from a local garage sale. I'm tinkering with idea of making a lighter weight car based on those shells (w/Lexan interiors), 3D printed chassis, and or CB pods.

    My question is, can I use the NSR King EVO in a Slot.It AW pod? I have two of those motors collecting dust after a swap out in the NSR 86/89 cars that I'd like to use. I have no Boxer motors, so I'm not sure if the configuration between that and the NSR King are similar.
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    Yes all FK 180 motors use the same can.


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      Yes it will work. Just need one of the plastic thingies on the closed side of the motor, and motor screws to attach motor to pod.
      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks guys! Appreciate the help.


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          Boy that looks big on there! Likely will have to do some trimming on the C7.r and Ford GT bodies.


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            The cans are all the same size, some guys will also use the smaller FC130 motors you just make them can end drive and screw them to the mount. I've built a couple like that and they run/handle well.

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          Is there a means of obtaining the EVO motor adapter without buying a new motor pod?