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    I recently saw this modification for Carrera Brushes on a proxy thread. Is it a worthwhile mod? Any disadvantages? I tried it on a few cars and it seems to work well but only a few laps so far on those cars.


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    Hello, I have done this on several Carrera cars, and there is no downside(s) whatsoever................a single piece of braid will not have as much "spring" as two pieces, and will therefore exert slightly less downward pressure on the track, which reduces the lift on the guide/front end. It is a small difference, but, a positive one, and, everything counts in small amounts

    There is no advantage to running overly long braid strips, and I have often just cut the rear piece of braid from a two braid set-up...............same results, and very quick/easy to do.
    We used to have some "rental" Carrera cars that were run on our Carrera commercial track, and all of them had the rear portion of the braid cut off,.........

    Chris Walker


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      Saginaw Valley Raceway
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        I'd be concerned when running digital. The long braids could cause excessive shorts at lane changers. The CU has a 20ms timer and when it detects a short that last longer the CU will self protect.
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          A reasonable concern,...however, a single braid piece per side is likely shorter overall than 2 pieces per side, and, more often than not, only a portion of the braid (the trailing 1/2) contacts the track rails.

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        A little more involved but I’ve done this mod by completely removing the braid cutting it in half and then reinstalling in the clips. The second braid is then saved for a spare or another project
        Peterborough Ont


        • chrisguyw
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          Opening the braid retainer clips, and reinstalling the "cut" braid is certainly a more professional approach. Although it would cost a bit more, while you are at it, replacing the stock thick/stiff Carrera braid with something thinner/softer would be a worthwhile improvement

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          All depends on the rules

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        Thanks all.


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          I open the retainer clips and insert my favorite copper braid (SCC) and close it back down. Never had a problem with it. SCC copper braid is softer than tinned braid in my world.


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            ive tried both ways. leaving it stock and letting the braid break in,seemed to work just fine. it didnt really act like a spring for me and laid flat. never had a conection or power problem.4 points of contact vs. 2 ?
            bill ,framingham ma


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              I have done this to several of my cars. I cut a little off on the end so it is not to long and have not had any problems.


              Click image for larger version

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