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    Hey MT...try spreading a little Future liquid polish that we use to coat our cars with, over the marred window area and let it dry!! Should fill in any rough spots left from all the different sanding you have done on that windshield and leave it clear again!!


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      Hey Harry! all try that uv glue it looks like a fantastic! Product... I do need something for headlight lenses. Am about to install z lighting kit. On a nsr gt40 for our classic Lemans race. We do 12 min in the dark. So that looks like its a winner winner chicken dinner! 😁


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        Originally posted by Vision34 View Post
        Hey Harry! all try that uv glue it looks like a fantastic
        It's not glue, it's clear resin but does a great job of making headlights...but don't expect it to glue things together because it won't.


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          but don't expect it to glue things together because it won't.
          Well that is simply not the case. Not sure how anyone can say that if they ever used it. I have secured more parts with this product than I can count.
          Windshields in scratchbuilds, bushings in chassis, mirrors...etc.

          In fact, my video is pretty much enough to show it does secure/glue and does it very well.


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            I've tried two types of UV 'glue' actually, although it held two parts together it wasn't a glue type bond that withstood off-track excursions.
            It does however do a great job in certain circumstances that don't experience mechanical forces.


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              Well, our Showdown models along with a host of others have taken some hard hits, still holding together.

              But "off track" excursions for ME is quite a far drop to the floor! SO not much of anything survives that fall.


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                I can relate to the HALO drops!

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              CA ? "Crazy Glue".

              Here? Not allowed anywhere near a finished slot car body!


              Like the Dremel, I keep it out of immediate reach of the slot bench, so I have to get off my kiester if I want to use it. Neither one comes with an eraser.

              If you feel like you must, the Gel variety is more physically stable with regard to placement, BUT it's worth repeating that the "runs" arent the only danger. Even in minimal concentrations the fumes will smoke paints, acrylics, vacu-plating etc. Certainly the wicking is a characteristic that can be exploited, but in proximity to finished surfaces the risk of mortality is too high.
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