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Buying My First Gear Press/Puller

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  • Buying My First Gear Press/Puller

    Is Slot.It TL01 the one to buy?

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    There are lots of presses/pullers on the market (and some home made) , and, you will get lots of varied opinions on the merits of each,.....personally I prefer the individual press and puller from Hudy, but this is largely due to the fact that I have been using this style of press/puller for several decades., and am very used to them. I do have, and frequently use the combination Slot-it puller/press, and it does a wonderful job, and, I recommend it highly.

    While quality tools, (and the Slot-it is a quality piece) do help in in any job, it is the user that makes an equally important contribution, and if some care is not exercised, pinion runout, and or, damage to the tool can result. (There are a few folks in our local clubs, and shop customers that manage to do a poor job regardless of the tool.

    Buy the Slot-it, .....take some care in removing/installing gears, and it will do a great job and last for many years

    Chris Walker


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      The #1 annoying thing with the SlotIt pinion press is there's only one slot for the bar, this is a really annoying thing when you're doing a few cars with different types of motor as you have to wind the spindle for ever. Extra slots for the bar would be useful.
      Kevan - Isle of Man
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        Have the Hudys and The is worth it IMHO.


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          One of each!
          Click image for larger version

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            You can't go wrong with the Slot it unit. I have the first version and then picked up the 2nd & latest version.


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              I have the Ninco, it does the job.... but I want the


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                Thanks everyone! The Slot.It tool should be delivered on Friday. Along with a few packs of Carrera track.