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  • Pioneer Legends Kits in...

    But I need your help! lol


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    I like the colorful numbers, so my 2 cents worth wants you to use them so your build matches up with the RTR versions. More importantly, looking forward to the paint scheme you come up with. These bodies are ideal for 2 tone paint jobs with complimentary or contrasting colors on the body, fenders, roof & hood.

    Remembering that Legend cars are a low(er) cost way for people to get involved in racing, something straight forward while still eye catching makes sense. My plan is to make tribute cars that resemble memorable cars that ran at the local dirt track back in the 70's before wraps came into use.

    Bill Wilson at Orange County Fair Speedway in NY.


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      Well, I might do one to sort of match the others, but one will be my own blend

      One is also going to feature aftermarket parts in force. Sort of a "what you can do with the parts we have today" sort of build.


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        Or are you going to scan the peel&stick decals to make water slide decals?
        Why doesn't my car run like that?



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          Well didn't think of that, but now? Perhaps...


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            Go for it Harry, I know you get the most enjoyment from tuning cars to get the 'most' out of them. But the car is apt to be disqualified during tech inspection. And if it ends up being as fast or faster than a sportsman or modified you might get banned.

            You wouldn't try to shoehorn a V8 into a 1:1 Legend car would you? Or would you?


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              Keep the women and children inside and safe. Harry's about to take a small inexpensive car and make a beast out of it.


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                There was a guy out here in Clovis, CA that was running a naturally aspirated Volkswagon Karmon Ghia that was embarrassing Dodge Vipers at the Bakersfield Drag Strip and they made him remove the flower and Vase off of the dash and add a roll bar for he was turning low 9's in the quarter mile. It was a VW engine punched out to 2300 cc and it would fly. His son has since taken over and added Boost but I can't remember his times. Nothing like the Father passing it down.


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                  Karmann Ghia. (sorry about that)
                  my uncle had one back in the 60's, but it was stock and he didn't race.


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                    Go with the pretty numbers that came with colorful
                    TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
                    Warren, Ohio