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Electrical question about lane changers

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  • Electrical question about lane changers

    I am working on a new track design that is analog with lane changers. I can't figure out how to make them switch when the car goes over a certain spot on the track, then switch back the next time they hit that spot. I'm not much of an electrician.

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    what causing them to switch if you analog?
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      That's what I haven't been able to figure out. I'm thinking of a short dead spot in the track that's connected to a 12 volt power supply attached to a small RC servo that controls the lane changer. When the car hits the tape in the dead spot it completes the connection and moves the lane changer. But that has logistic issues.

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      I'm thing maybe a simple magnet switch style sensor. You would run a magnet on the edge of the chassis and have the sensor under the track edge might work

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    Now I am assuming that we're not getting into digital electronics...

    If what you are asking for is a way to take an analog switch closure and make it change the state of the lane changer, I believe the logic can be done with a pair of analog relays

    The circuitry has to be such that closing one relay opens the other and sets the contacts so that the next pulse causes the open relay to close, cutting power to the closed relay so it opens. Each switch closure causes the closed relay to open and the open relay to close. And those relays feed power to the solenoid coils that operate the lane changer. So each switch closure causes the lane changer to reverse itself.

    Um, does all of that make sense? Read it over again slowly and it might.

    It bears some relation to something called a "bi-stable multi-vibrator". At least I think that's true. Or I could be hallucinating. All those geriatric drugs I'm on...

    I'll try to sketch up a circuit diagram. Not tonight. Too close to beddy-byes.

    But hey, there are items known as latching relays listed on Amazon and eBay. Lots of 'em. And some pretty dang cheap. Might be what you're looking for.
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      You are right about what I am looking to accomplish. I will be waiting for your diagram.