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  • pod issue

    I have enjoyed using the newish CH115 SW motor mount pod for ball bearings, especially when using it for semi-scratchbuilt chassis or conversions from inlines. Mostly using Piranha 25K BB motors, so I obviously needed to enlarge the can end mounting hole to fit the BB. Today, however, I tried to use an orange end bell and found that it was a very tight fit. It was unusually hard to push in at the can end and when finally in there was a gap between the motor and inside of the pod. When I tried to remove the motor to enlarge the hole the chassis broke just below the hole.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	78E86B25-F25B-41F1-8324-32E6B94662D7.jpg Views:	9 Size:	1.36 MB ID:	144567
    The “ears” above the are so narrow that the motor bearing pushed them apart causing the pod to flex so much that it broke. Figuring that it must have been a bad pod or my poor removal technique, I tried the other one I got with this one and despite being very careful got the same result.
    I contacted SCC to see if anyone else had run into this and they checked with the distributor, Hornby, and this was the first either of them had heard of it. Thanks to these good people replacements are on the way. If they fit on these seems too tight, I will enlarge the hole instead of using too much force to install the motor.
    BTW, the mfg code on these was 2021 189. I thought others might like the heads up. As I said, I really like these pods.

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    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    Nope I broke one also. I thought it was something I did wrong.
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      I’ve broken 3 of the .5 offset sidewinder pods. Now I trim the ears so there is no lip, then use screws to secure the motor. That was the reason I switched all of my GT3 cars to CGSlot motor pods.



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        I had the same problem with hard NSR pods. I, too, trim the ears and use a screw to secure the motor.
        As for NSR, they made a running change and took some of the lip off allowing the motor to snap in easier.


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          Thanks for the heads up.
          CHCH NZ


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            I haven't heard anything like this from customers. I have seen them as a little tight but I try to be careful not to pry to much.
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              I've broken two of them as well, even when trying to be as gentle as possible. Just use screws to hold the motor to the pod if it breaks.
              Jamie B
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